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The ACE Job Board connects ACE Certified Exercise Professionals, Specialists and Health Coaches to employment opportunities available in the United States. The ACE Job Board offers the ability to find and pursue unique employment opportunities self-tailored to the wants, needs and expertise of any ACE Certified pro.

With this added career support benefit, ACE Certified Professionals now have the opportunity to increase their visibility to employers that are trusted ACE partners seeking qualified candidates. This exciting new tool is free.

ACE Job Board Features

  • ACE Certified Professionals can search for specific opportunities across the U.S. by job category, keyword or location.
  • With Quick Apply, create an account and upload experience and relevant information. The ACE Job Board provides the ability to apply for targeted opportunities, fast.

  • The ACE Job Board enables the creation of job alerts—stay in the know about the latest opportunities that match exact job criteria. Flag and save listings of interest to return to later and apply when the time is right.

  • Job seekers have options—upload résumés or copy and paste résumé text. Complete a detailed profile with specific attributes, including social links and videos, to target relevant employers.

  • Registered prospective employers can search the site for potential employees.
  • Choose which personal contact information is shared.

How Do I Get Started?

To register, create a new account on the ACE Job Board by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner. Look for the red “Post Resume” box to create a personal profile. Resumes set to private, cannot be viewed by current or prospective employers, but you will be able to apply for jobs using your résumé. Résumés that are not set to private can be found by prospective employers when searching resumes on our site. It's that simple.

The ACE Job Board is live! Visit and upload your résumé now!

Currently, the job board is open to the public and an ACE Certification is not required to create an account, search for jobs or apply for jobs. Registration is not required to browse jobs.

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