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Population Health

Potential for population-health impact

ACE believes that well-qualified exercise professionals and health coaches who hold accredited certifications, and others who've been similarly equipped with behavior-change coaching skills, are an untapped force in communities across the country. It's time for them and the programs they develop and deliver to be embraced as a logical, more integral extension of clinical care. Such programming holds the potential to help vastly more people adopt and sustain healthy, active lifestyles.

Think in-community "extension" of clinical care

In 2016-2018, the Prescription for Activity (PfA) Task Force, convened and funded by ACE, underscored the crucial role that appropriately qualified individuals in the community must serve in the future, working as an extension of clinical care, to help individuals increase their levels of physical activity. That recommendation was central to a systems-change map developed by the PfA Task Force, which charts the course for how healthcare, working in concert with the communities it serves, can be mobilized to its full potential to help more Americans reach recommended physical-activity levels.

The Prescription for Activity initiative is an example of ACE investing heavily to help create a future in which ACE Certified Professionals and others with equivalent credentials can be more integral to the pursuit of improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Meeting the national-health conversation
where it happens

ACE goes to the places where strategies to increase physical-activity levels and encourage the adoption of other healthy lifestyle behaviors are formulated. ACE focuses on opportunities for ACE Certified Professionals and others who are similarly equipped with science-based behavior-change coaching skills to be part of the national solution for a healthier world. The ACE Mover Method, our philosophy for facilitating behavior change to empower people to make healthier lifestyle choices, represents and underscores ACE's respected role as a leader in making evidence-based behavior-change facilitation the center point of programs, interventions, and other work to get people moving.

ACE serves on numerous national advisory panels, roundtables, and boards, while deeply collaborating with a wide array of organizations. Examples include:

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ACE works closely with each of these organizations, and many others. Through these efforts, ACE seeks to best represent the role that well-qualified exercise professionals and health coaches and the programs they deliver can play in facilitating the adoption of healthier lifestyles across the nation.