What's the best health & fitness role for you?

Interested in working in fitness but not quite sure where you fit in? This quiz is for you!

Select the statements below that best describe you and find out which path you're most suited for:

I'm a highly empathetic person and like to take a holistic view of someone's life when evaluating their behaviors

My primary interest is creating individualized evidence-based exercise programs for each client

I'd love to create super fun and exciting movement experiences for groups of people large and small

I'd like to work from home, in a client's house, or in an office setting

I'd love to work with clients on the gym floor but would also like to coach people online

I perform best when surrounded by people, but could also do a pretty great job motivating clients online

I'd like to work with just one person or in a small group

I prefer working with one person at a time for the most part but am okay with small groups as well

I love to be in groups of people and enjoy taking the lead

I take a thoughtful and balanced approach to my health

I work out on my own or with a training partner

I attend group fitness classes all the time and get inspired by the energy in the room

My physical activity regimen often includes a mix of strength training, cardio, and mindfulness classes

I love writing my own workout, and am always updating it based on the latest research and tangible results

I push myself the hardest when working out in a group 

I'm intensely interested in the latest research on creating lasting behavior changes

I'm obsessed with staying up to date with the latest scientific research on exercise

I'm constantly trying out new group exercise classes and fitness studios

Selected mostly A's

With your deep empathy, balanced approach to fitness, and ability to see the big picture when suggesting lifestyle changes, you'd make an exceptional Health Coach. Health coaching is not only a growing and respected field, it's a powerful conduit for positive and healthy lifestyle behavior-change. 

You can transform lives as a Health Coach!


Selected mostly B's

With your strong interest in exercise science, as well as your preference for working one-on-one with clients or in small groups, you'd make a great Personal Trainer. While there's no “perfect” generalization of personal trainers, overall, they tend to be more introverted than Group Fitness Instructors, and more focused on the nuts and bolts of exercise science than Health Coaches.

You can transform lives as a Personal Trainer


Selected mostly C's

With your high level of energy, desire to be the leader of the pack, and knack for providing motivation, you'd make a great Group Fitness Instructor. Group fitness instruction provides an outlet for putting your vibrant and positively contagious personality in the spotlight. Group fitness instructors are often extroverts who feed off the energy and enthusiasm of the group. They are more than comfortable being the center of attention and utilizing that responsibility to inspire others.

You can transform lives as a Group Fitness Instructor