Launching a career as a Certified Personal Trainer has never been this simple, affordable and accessible.

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, you'll move people to achieve their goals and reach their true potential. At ACE, we're dedicated to making your dream a reality through our terrific study experience featuring our evidence-based curriculum. We provide aspiring ACE Certified Personal Trainers with the best tools and support they need to be successful throughout their study experience and in their careers. If you've been thinking about becoming a personal trainer, you've come to the right place.


"ACE provided numerous resources for me to thrive. I am a visual learner so I really enjoyed the diagrams that went along with each chapter as well as the application scenarios. From the study outline timeline to the live help with ACE Study Coaches, ACE really has thought through their study materials."

AliciaE Alicia E.,
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

"My ACE study experience was fantastic! I was provided with superb resources that made it very enjoyable. Also, having the flexibility of learning at my own pace made my participation in the program stress-free."

EmilyH Emily H.,
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

"The ACE Personal Trainer Study Program helped me understand all the aspects of personal training—not just the physical components. I learned about psychology, behavior, motivation, leadership and psychosocial aspects too."

Tayyab Tayyab A.,
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

We offer two Personal Trainer Study Programs to prepare you to get certified.

With both study programs, you can study when and how you want, on your own timetable. And both fully prepare you to take the ACE Certification Exam.

Our Basic Study Program is the essentials you need and nothing more. It's a fully digital study experience. And it's priced to be within easy reach of those who want the fundamentals to prepare for their certification exam.

Our Plus Study Program is a premium study experience. It's ideal for those who crave even more study content and prefer hard-copy books in addition to digital materials.

Choose a Personal Trainer Study Program that works for you.

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A premium study experience.
Includes both hard copy and digital study materials.

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An essential study experience.
Includes digital study materials.

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Payment Plan available when purchased with a Certification Exam.

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Focused prep for your Certification Exam.

ACE Personal Trainer Study Programs, no matter which option you choose, provide everything you need and nothing you don't:

This interactive online guide uses the latest and greatest in learning design to help you effectively and efficiently plan, manage and track your study experience. In addition to providing a study blueprint that helps you identify how and when to best utilize each component of the study program, ACE Academy Elite features engaging video lessons, additional articles and expert resources that will help you better understand challenging topics, as well as quizzes that will help you gauge your knowledge as you progress through the program.

These core resources - the ACE Personal Trainer Manual and ACE Essentials to Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals - are the essential guides to exercise science. Available with Basic (digital only) and Plus (hard-copy and digital).

This resource breaks the key concepts in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual into bite-sized pieces, enabling easy review. Available with Basic (digital only) and Plus (hard-copy and digital).

Q&As, Facebook groups, live webinars, video learning and other dynamic study support.

Test your readiness to sit for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam.

24 unique real-world scenarios will put your learning to the test and ensure you're ready to apply the science to help others get moving. Available with Plus only.

Get your career on the fast track! Include a Certification Exam with purchase of either Study Program and save $100 ($399 if purchased separately). Upon purchase, you'll have 6 months from the purchase date to register for an exam at a site near you. Your actual exam date can be beyond the 6 month registration deadline.

A credential that's trusted.
A skillset to be respected.

The ACE Personal Trainer Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard in the U.S. for assessing fitness and allied health certifications programs. It is also recognized globally by leading international standards-setting bodies, including iCREPs and EuropeActive Passing the exam will give you a trusted credential that will pave the way for you to help others become more physically active.

What's more, you will be fully prepared to take your skills and directly apply them in practice as a certified personal trainer. Our Personal Trainer Study Programs are grounded in the latest exercise science. You'll learn the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model. The ACE IFT Model is a systematic approach to designing exercise programs based on the unique abilities, needs and goals of the individual who seeks to get moving. It will be yours no matter which study experience you choose.

Here to help you succeed in your career.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond certification. We are a nonprofit organization, and you are the key to our mission to get people moving. We promise to support your career and create the conditions for you to impact lives, now and in the future.