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  • Build strong bodies and inspired minds. Become a group fitness instructor

Group Fitness Instructor Certification

With a group fitness certification, you have the ability to get the most people moving, every day, and to make a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of our communities. Truly, the need for talented and enthusiastic group fitness instructors with robust credentials has never been greater.

The ACE Group Fitness Instructor program has no equal

For 30 years, ACE has continually elevated group fitness standards with our NCCA-accredited Group Fitness Instructor Certification—well established as the gold standard in the industry. Candidates who earn our Group Exercise certification are prepared to deliver exceptional experiences in whatever modality ignites their passion, whether it's dance-based, indoor cycling, strength training, or anything in between.

The all-new ACE Group Fitness Instructor study experience was created in collaboration with leading instructors in the group fitness space whose hands-on expertise crosses multiple modalities. Building on input from these industry experts, we've developed a practical, applied study experience that serves as a comprehensive resource for both new and veteran instructors.

Whether you're a full-time instructor looking to expand your expertise, or you're devoted to teaching a single class, our study program gives you the tools you need to deliver safe and memorable movement experiences in any modality.



You deserve more than a 1-Day workshop

Our study program features an interactive, digital learning experience that takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of exercise programming, class design, music selection, teaching strategies, engagement and motivation techniques and much more, so you can create world-class experiences in every class.

And don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way. The ACE Resource Center offers real-time study help from ACE Professionals. So when in doubt, reach out—ACE Professionals are here to help by phone or email.


Choose Your Study Experience

Group Fitness Instructor Certification study materials

Take the first step in becoming an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor by selecting a study program that fits you. Our Pro Advantage option incorporates the most comprehensive blend of engaging videos, podcasts and webinars from our digital learning experience, and up-to-date, science-based information from our new ACE Group Fitness Instructor Handbook. Payment plan available.
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ACE Resource Center

When in Doubt, Reach Out

After selecting a Group Fitness certification study program, ACE proudly provides real-time support throughout the entire study process. Whether you want clarification on a challenging concept, or just need a little pep talk, our ACE Resource Center experts are eager to provide real-time study help. We're available by phone and email so you can get the information and inspiration you need to start your career as an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Group Fitness as a Career

Get Down to Business

If you're passionate about impacting the health and wellbeing of people in your community through group fitness, we want to help get you started. That's why we have secured agreements from a number of companies who have all GUARANTEED interviews for ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructors.

Wherever you choose to apply your expertise, an ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification will empower you to feel confident and credible, so you can get the job you want and get people moving. New Group Fitness Instructor Salary Report »

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Personal Trainer Career Guide

Free Webinar: A Blueprint for Creating Inclusive Yoga Classes

Learn how an understanding of human movement can guide the creation of your multi-level mind-body experiences.

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Professional Resources


Keep Your Career Moving

Staying relevant and informed in such a fast-moving industry can be a challenge. To make it easier, ACE offers numerous professional resources dedicated to the latest insights and industry trends so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Certified: A monthly digital publication delivering key insights on training techniques, breaking research and industry news.
  • Continuing Education: A portfolio of workshops, online courses, webinars and specialist programs in areas that include behavior change, youth fitness, weight management, fitness nutrition and more.
  • Independent Research: Through collaboration with university partners, we investigate the effectiveness of popular fitness products, programs and trends.
  • Professional Discounts: Industry partners provide discounts on exercise equipment, liability insurance, management software and more.
  • A website dedicated to helping you customize your client approach, with thousands of fitness programs, health tips and expert insights.

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