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We're on a mission

ACE stands out from other certifiers because we run programs and initiatives and apply our own efforts to bring to life the mission of getting people moving.

The ACE Mover Method

The ACE Mover Method is a philosophy that facilitating healthy lifestyle behaviors. This philosophy is centered around empowering clients to take a personalized journey. During their journey the client achieves self-efficacy because the exercise professional or health coach practices empathy and trust, communication and collaboration. It represents and underscores ACE's respected role as a leader in making evidence-based behavior-change facilitation the center point of programs, interventions, and other work to get people moving.

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Science & Research

Learn how exercise and behavior change science shapes ACE's certification programs and continuing education offerings. Discover our contributions to scientific inquiry in the form of primary research on the effect of behavior-change coaching on population health status and evaluations of fitness products and practices and see who's on ACE's expert Scientific Advisory Panel.

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Standards & Professionalism

See what ACE is doing to ensure that properly credentialed exercise professionals and health coaches are trusted and inspire confidence. Learn about ACE's advocacy in the places where standards for the profession are set and advanced and see ACE's call to action for consistent professionalism.

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Community Engagement

Discover how ACE gets people moving in communities that need it the most. From scholarships to partnerships, ACE is dedicated to bringing physical activity opportunities to individuals and communities across the country.

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Population Health

Read about ACE's contributions to the national conversation about population-health improvement. Discover how ACE is setting the stage for properly credentialed exercise professionals and health coaches to deliver community-based behavior-change programs-the kind experts agree must become an integral extension of healthcare and a key target for community-health investments.

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Issue Advocacy

ACE works across the country to advance and revise policies that reduce barriers to being active and that open business doors for exercise professionals and health coaches. Through education and technical assistance ACE is dedicated to helping individuals become advocates for getting people moving.

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