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Last Updated October 27, 2023 (originally published August 28, 2020)  

Congratulations and welcome to the ACE family! Now that you’re certified, you can start applying for jobs in the health and fitness industry and making a difference by helping people become more physically active.    

You’ve passed your exam , but the hard work doesn’t stop there. Now is the time to create a plan for the next steps of your journey. Much like coaching, training or class design , there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a career, so this is your opportunity to choose what’s best for you.   

If you’re not yet certified and are contemplating entering the fitness industry , now is the perfect time to explore the many opportunities the industry has to offer and to decide on your next step. It’s also good to know what resources ACE has available to support your career, from getting that first job to pivoting to new opportunities later in your career.  

Either way, h ere are eight ways to enhance your job search , including some resources that are exclusive to ACE Certified Pros :  

  • Check out the ACE ® Job Board . This resource brings together employers and ACE Certified Health Coaches and Exercise Professionals to make finding that perfect opportunity a bit simpler . You can easily search and apply for jobs that are unique to your wants, needs and expertise . You can also post your resume and include links to your social media accounts, videos and photos.  

  • Explore ACE Pro Compass . This ACE-exclusive career support tool will help you embark on lifelong learning and chart a personalized career path. Full of carefully curated content and resources that will help you define your “why” and reach your full potential at every stage of your career, ACE Pro Compass is a valuable resource that every ACE Certified Pro should be using.  

  • Use the ACE Pro Connect app to connect with other ACE Certified Pros. This ACE-exclusive app features a community of like-minded professionals . Chat, share resources, join groups that spark your interest and build the career you want. In addition, the app offers a constantly growing library of videos on topics such as inspiration and advice, sales and marketing, virtual coaching, and self-care and stress management. And don’t forget to check out the ACE Talks podcast!  

  • Use the ACE+Wix Website Builder to enhance your professionalism. A custom website where you can send prospective employers can help set you apart from the competition. This easy-to-use tool features templates and a built-in suite of digi t al tools that mak e building that perfect website easier than ever.  

  • Review your materials, continue to learn and prepare yourself for your career. It’s never too early to start earning continuing education credits (CECs) and exploring different topics that appeal to you. For example, if you want to work with a specific population , such as seniors or youth, or want to focus on weight management, corrective exercise or any of a host of available specialty areas, check out the ACE S pecialist P rograms . Adding this to your resume and focusing on a specific niche can help you identify the right job and set yourself up for success.  

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the position for which you are applying . This is your opportunity to explain what you can do for the company and what skill sets you possess . Be sure to highlight any certifications and specialist programs you’ve completed, as well as any relevant w ork experi ence. Finally, be sure to proofread (and maybe hire someone to edit your resume), as professionalism is vital when applying for a job. You don’t want to get eliminated from consideration because of a resume that doesn’t represent you well.  

  • Get experience! Shadow, volunteer, start at the front desk of a club, and develop professional relationships with experienced trainers and other exercise professionals. For many people, starting in a health-club setting is a great way to gain experience and have other professionals around to help; it can also make it easier to attract clients and gain practical hands-on experience.  

  • Seek out mentors, build your network and make real connections. Remember, we are all working toward a greater goal of helping others. Demonstrating to potential employers that you have already developed a professional network signals that you are well prepared to make waves in the health and fitness industry.  

Now, it’s time to identify your purpose for becoming a certified health and exercise professional. What do you want to do, who do you want to work with and why Finding your why will help you stay motivated and, in turn, enable you to really help others with their health and fitness goals.  

Where do you want to work Do you prefer a commercial, clinical, community or corporate environment Do you want to work in a private setting , own your own company or train or coach clients in their homes or online Do you want to work full- or part-time There are countless options, so be sure to use the resources above and explore every opportunity .  


Watch this video to learn more about how you can Transform Lives as an ACE Certified Health and Fitness Professional.  

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