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With the 2015 holiday season upon us, you may be searching for that perfect fitness tech gift for your loved ones. Whether they are triathletes, weekend warriors or couch potatoes, there is undoubtedly a fitness tech device for them at a number of different price points. Here is my 2015 Fitness Tech Holiday Gift Guide to help guide your decision.


Polar has long been a leader in heart-rate monitoring technology using chest straps. While these models are still available, newer Polar devices include the A300 Fitness Watch with 24/7 activity tracking ($139.95), the Polar Loop Activity Tracker ($199.95) and multisport devices like the V800 GPS Sports Watch with heart-rate monitoring ($519.95) and the waterproof M400 GPS Running Watch ($229.95). If you are looking for a device from an established manufacturer, be sure to check out Polar’s full line of products.


2015 was the year of Fitbit. From their new product line to a successful IPO and commercials aired during NFL games, Fitbit is now the market share leader for fitness trackers and wearables. They now have a “family of everyday, active and performance fitness products” to choose from in a range of color choices. The Zip ($59.95) is a fun and simple tracker, while the One ($99.95) is an advanced activity and sleep tracker. Wrist monitors like the Flex ($99.95), the Charge ($129.95), the Charge HR ($149.95) and the Surge ($249.95) track steps, sleep, floors climbed and active minutes. One of my favorite features of these devices is the ability to create competitions and recruit online workout buddies to provide that little extra motivation through a taunt or a cheer. Want to add some bling to your Fitbit tracker? Check out the Tory Burch line, as well as the Aria Smart Scale ($129.95) – “a smarter scale for better results.”


With a company goal to “make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their own health”, the iHealth family of products can help do just that. Personally, I’ve used their web-connected blood pressure monitor (which I have synced with my Apple Health Kit). I’ve used both the wrist ($79.95) and arm ($99.95) cuffs. In addition, iHealth offers a wireless body-composition scale ($129.95), a fitness and sleep tracker called the iHealth Edge ($69.95), a wireless pulse oximeter ($69.95) and a wireless smart glucose monitoring system ($29.95 with 50 test strips at $12.50 per bundle). If you want to have all your health data in one central location without setting up sharing between companies, consider looking at the iHealth platform for health.

There are many more options available to help guide you and your loved ones down a path to better health in 2016. These are just a few products that I have personally used and that have passed the Ted Test. No matter what device you decide to purchase, do additional homework, ask questions and commit to setting up the device and using it in 2016. These devices alone won’t do anything with your health until YOU and/or your loved ones make the decision to using a tool like that will push them closer to achieving their health and fitness goals.

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