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In the rush to Do Work, trainers sometimes allow clients and athletes to skip the warm up. Warming up serves several critical functions and skipping it can have serious, negative consequences for your client or athlete and could possibly lead to injury.

TRX Senior Group Training and Development Manager Dan McDonogh has provided three mobility and flexibility movements that your clients can perform on the TRX Suspension Trainer to prepare the body for move and work. These exercises will help increase mobility in ankles, hips and hamstrings, as well as activate the posterior chain.

TRX Overhead Back Extension

TRX Overhead Back Extension

1. Stand facing anchor, extend arms overhead in an “I” position
2. Keep legs straight and drop hips back
3. Pull on handles and drive arms up to return

TRX Overhead squat

TRX Overhead Squat 

1. Stand facing anchor, extend arms overhead
2. Lower hips down and back in a squat position
3. Drive through heels and push up to return

TRX Wide Leg Hip Hinge

TRX Wide Leg Hip Hinge

1. Stand facing the anchor with legs wider than shoulder width apart
2. Hinge forward from the hips, keep back straight
3. Return to standing


In order for your clients to get the most out of their body and training, it’s important to make flexibility and mobility training part of their workout program. As a result, they will efficiently and effectively develop the functional flexibility and mobility needed to build a stronger, faster, more powerful and durable body. For more warm-up ideas to perform with your clients, check out TRX’s Flexibility & Mobility Workouts.

Want to learn how to regress and progress dozens of TRX exercises like these to use with your clients? Learn the basics of TRX Training, how to modify, cue and coach exercises for all fitness levels in an 8-hour TRX Education Course. TRX extends a special offer to ACE members to save $50 off a TRX Course for a limited time. Just use code ACE50 at checkout and click here to find a course in your area.

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