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Submit Your Story

Submitting a story about what inspires you on the job or the circumstances that led you to accomplish a health and fitness goal helps us tell the story of ACE. We encourage you to submit your thoughts below, as well as a photo or video. Be open, and of course, feel free to browse other submissions by your fellow professionals. We are all the fabric of ACE.

Submit Your Story



  • ACE PROFiles - Joanne Koury

    Joanne Koury

    Whitehall, PA

    I am prompted to write this by one of the ACE staffers who assisted me during a recent renewal process for my 28th year of certification as a group fitness instructor with ACE. My 35 year career in...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Christopher Prophet

    Christopher Prophet


    I'm Cj Prophet with Flex Squad Fitness and I've been a certified personal trainer for 6 years. I developed a love for personal training while going through my very own weight loss. I'd never been v...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Adriano Melikardi

    Adriano Melikardi


    Fitness and sports have always been my passion. From my early teenage years, I started working out. I loved how it made me look and feel. I came to the realization that ultimately what I truly want...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Roxanne Massie

    Roxanne Massie


    My weight loss journey began in 2013. I just had total knee replacement surgery on my left knee in October and was preparing for the same surgery to my right knee in July of 2014. Suffering for yea...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Robin Marion

    Robin Marion

    Waldorf, MD

    I am retired military (U.S. Army) after serving almost 22 years. One of my most memorable duties was that of drill sergeant. I w...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Laura Gail Lipnick Diamond

    Laura Gail Lipnick Diamond

    Agoura Hills, CA

    My name is Laura Gail Lipnick-Diamond and I have been a certified personal trainer since 2009. I am currently studying for my he...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Carlos Buzonich

    Carlos Buzonich

    Miami FL Hialeah, FL

    Sports have always been a part of my life, starting with soccer. I was not a natural athlete; the physical preparation was a challenge for me, so I put all my effort into training...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Dora Siverio-Macholl

    Dora Siverio-Macholl

    North Fort Worth, Keller, TX

    Since being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 20 years ago, I have experienced how debilitating this condition can become without an aggressive and consistent fitness conditioning program. A...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Aaron Allie

    Aaron Allie

    Waupaca, Wisconsin

    Some very awkward and impressionable grammar school years remain the prominent reason I’m so committed to helping others find or stay glued to fitness. As an overweight and unmotivated teen, ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Jessica Deany

    Jessica Deany


    I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle in college and was very inactive and out of shape. Fortunately, I started getting involved in fitness my junior year and discovered a strong passion for it...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Linda Gottlieb

    Linda Gottlieb

    Milford, CT

    I never set out to be a fitness professional. Loving movement, my early years were spent in dance class and losing myself in the beat of all genres of music. In the early 1980s, I decided to become...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Aline Laing

    Aline Laing

    Lawrenceville, GA

    I am an avid runner, fitness enthusiast and an certified ACE Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Let me tell you my story as to why I chose to join the health and fitness industry. After earning a g...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Robyn Bumgarner

    Robyn Bumgarner

    Channahon, IL

    My name is Robyn Bumgarner, and I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I am also currently studying to become an ACE Certified Health Coach. My journey to a profession in the health and fitness in...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kim Tate

    Kim Tate


    In 2010 I found myself spiraling down into a severe state of depression that seemed impossible to get out of. I had resigned from teaching in 2005 to become a stay-at-home mom. A daughter and twin ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Yvette Salva

    Yvette Salva

    marlboro, NJ

    My name is Yvette. I want to share my story of recovery with you, in hopes that it may help someone reading this today.Since the age of fifteen, I have been dealing with anorexia/bulimia, al...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Brandon Soares

    Brandon Soares


    If you would have told me out of high school I would be a personal trainer, I would have made sure to point out how terrible of a fortune teller you were! You don't leave high school 250 pounds, pr...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Lisa Pezik

    Lisa Pezik

    Ancaster, ON

    Fitness has always been a catalyst for change in my life. As a child, I was overweight, bullied and struggled with self-esteem. In middle school, I decided to become active in volleyball, basketbal...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Heidi Blum

    Heidi Blum


    You could say that I have they typical story of being the fat funny kid growing up and I turned that into a positive by becoming a personal trainer. But there is nothing typical about me. Not only ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Ariel Zimmerman

    Ariel Zimmerman


    My story began in 2012 when I went to the local Anytime Fitness for my first bootcamp class. I came in amped and excited to get started. About halfway through the workout I felt like I was going to...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Lauren Evans

    Lauren Evans

    RENO, NV

    I wake up every day with the drive and passion to help my clients reach their goals, whether it is completing their first triathlon or running a Boston Marathon Qualifier time.After spending...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Beverly Hosford

    Beverly Hosford

    Bozeman, MT

    Like many middle school girls, I was teased through my pre-teen years. It was hard for me to make friends. I was a happy, light-hearted girl who loved the outdoors. My enthusiasm for fitness is wha...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Nancy Howe

    Nancy Howe


    In 1997 at 42 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was a competitive recreational runner, profiled in "Runner's World" in 1990, and a daily exerciser who followed a healthy diet. I developed a...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Andrea Claassen

    Andrea Claassen

    Minneapolis, MN

    My fitness journey began in high school. I was a three-sport athlete back in high school and college, so fitness has always been part of my life growing up. When I was a junior in high school I sta...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Karen Brown-Gordon

    Karen Brown-Gordon

    Cedar City, Utah

    I have been working in the exercise science field since 1989. I received my masters in exercise science/physiology then, and my first ACE certification, which was Group Exercise Instructor -- of co...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Brian Crombie

    Brian Crombie


    My name is Brian Crombie and I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer from Portsmouth, N.H. I wanted to share a success story from one of my clients, Marianne Pernold:"Stage I breast cancer cam...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Cindy  Rakowitz

    Cindy Rakowitz


    I did not realize the magnitude of my injuries until I became fitness aware in mid-life. Fascinated with the power of endorphin release and balanced kinesiology programs, I became ACE Certified to ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Inga Romanoff

    Inga Romanoff

    Manhattan, NY

    Fitness has been both a passion and a personal journey. Initially, I became serious about working out because of a personal injury. Over time, with help from my coaches, inspiration and support fro...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kimmi Alyssa Hellman

    Kimmi Alyssa Hellman

    Temecula, CA

    As an avid athlete myself, I began coaching soccer teams and realized I wanted to help my players more than just with skills. I chose ACE because the program is thorough, well-respected and recomme...

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  • ACE PROFiles - James Mayfield

    James Mayfield


    When I was a child, I wanted to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle. By the time I was a teenager, I no longer wanted to be a turtle or a mutant. I've trained for most of my life and gained some measu...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Lisa Azevedo

    Lisa Azevedo

    Encinitas, California

    My name is Lisa. I'm a single mother to two fantastic children, a type 1 diabetic and a breast cancer survivor. I am an RN and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I barely worked out a day in my lif...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Michael Callahan

    Michael Callahan


    By the time I had reached my late 30s, I had ballooned up to 270 pounds. I smoked two to three packs of cigarettes everyday and I was always suffering from some sort of bug. I was a long-haul truck...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Erin Barela

    Erin Barela


    In 2007 after being a smoker for more than a decade I quit and joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Program. With them I trained and completed the San Diego Rock & ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kimmy Addison

    Kimmy Addison


    I have personally struggled with body image issues my entire life. I've been overweight and I have also been anorexic. Regardless of how I looked, I was never satisfied with my body, even at my low...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Matthew Skelly

    Matthew Skelly


    As a child I had an insatiable appetite for food, so much that at the age of 10 and with a height of 4' 11" I was already 140 lbs. My doctor encouraged me to drop 20 pounds, and that was being mode...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Daniel Sopp

    Daniel Sopp

    Cortland, NY

    It was four years ago in the summer of 2010 that I was seriously considering a career change. I was stuck in jobs that I really didn't like, but only stayed because I needed to pay the bills. I had...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Geoffrey Rubin

    Geoffrey Rubin

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Fitness is my driving source of creating life-changing actions. Every story has a beginning and mine starts when I was a young man in middle school. It was an early May afternoon in 1999. My father...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Frank Tortorici

    Frank Tortorici


    I was born and raised on Long Island, NY in an environment of a loving extended family. Yet with all the visual love surrounding me as a youngster, there lied a pain and darkness I shared with no o...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Cappie Geis

    Cappie Geis

    San Diego, CA

    At age 20 I "discovered" fitness and began teaching group exercise. I have been teaching classes for almost 40 years now! I have always enjoyed cooking since my home economics class in high school....

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kimberly Venti

    Kimberly Venti

    Scituate, Massachusetts

    My name is Kim and I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer living on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I am a very active individual that loves year-round surfing, Crossfit, yoga, stand-up paddleboa...

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  • ACE PROFiles - William Neco

    William Neco

    Brooklyn, NY

    At 11 years old, I nagged my parents to buy me a weight set so I could become like the pro wrestlers I watched on TV. But it all changed for me one day iun 1972 when I saw Vasily Alexyev on the cov...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Hameedah Tirado

    Hameedah Tirado

    Los Angeles, CA

    Since childhood I enjoyed conditioning and challenging my body because I was an althlete. Then one tragic night, 10 years ago, I was a victim of a senseless act of violence. This left me without th...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Brandon Corrales

    Brandon Corrales


    Fitness and nutrition have played a huge role in my life and have helped me in my recovery from wounds received in combat, both physical and mental.In high school I fell in love with exercis...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Ashley Thompson

    Ashley Thompson

    Pooler, Georgia

    Originally from Carrollton, Georgia, I went to Ogeechee Tech cosmetology program in Statesboro, Georgia. While attending college, I battled the deadly disease of Anorexia Nervosa for three years. D...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Cindy Asch-Martin

    Cindy Asch-Martin

    Olympia, WA

    After my left leg had to be amputated June 2011, my chosen career and the knowledge that went with it came in quite handy. For about 13 years, I had been keeping myself and others in shape as a cer...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Brian Luu

    Brian Luu


    While I was a fairly active youth, physical activity was not a big emphasis on my life growing up. It wasn't anyone's fault; it just was what it was. This was not an issue until I entered adolescen...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Nicole Hadley

    Nicole Hadley


    I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have raised four high-energy children in the meantime. It has been a struggle to balance the demands of both motherhood and being fitness r...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Matt Petersen

    Matt Petersen

    Grayslake, IL

    I was a jock growing up, but that was ended my senior year in high school with a knee injury that led to knee reconstruction of two ligaments. My future plans had been to enter the Air Force Academ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Julian Gajic

    Julian Gajic


    In 2005, at age 37, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I had a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits, so it was inevitable. But, through determination, persistence, focus and a lot...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Claudio Yakupka

    Claudio Yakupka


    I came to the USA with the dream of being a successful personal trainer. It took me four years working in the food-service industry to save the money to become ACE certified and start to work as pe...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Jessica Glaser

    Jessica Glaser


    I began my weight-loss journey in 2003, when I was faced with the reality of being a role model for my toddler daughter. I grew up as an obese child and had been overweight my whole life. I remembe...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Jill Brown

    Jill Brown

    Los Angeles, CA

    A setback is a setup for success.At 40 I found that I was in the best shape of my life. I've been a fitness instructor since 1989. I started teaching shortly after graduating college with a ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Jennifer Pirtle

    Jennifer Pirtle


    Fitness and nutrition has always played a very large part in my life. As a child I was active in dance, loved running and playing with my friends. When I was ten years old, my family had a very maj...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Dana Fine

    Dana Fine


    My name is Dana and I have over thirty years  of experience in the health, fitness and rehabilitation field. I have extensive experience in general adult fitness, the senior/mature market and ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Shannon Smith

    Shannon Smith

    Parsonsfield, Maine

    As an adult with a healthy appetite, I gained weight once I got a desk job at a credit union. After the birth of my son, even as a stay at home mom, I went back to my old ways. I quickly gained wha...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Farel Hruska

    Farel Hruska


    After being in the fitness industry for almost 15, I became a mom and it rocked my world! I had never been happier and yet, I felt my personal definition or identity had drifted away. I had a preco...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Boe Glasschild

    Boe Glasschild


    My connection to the fitness world began at an early age. I was born a severely asthmatic child. Until about the age of 11 or 12, I spent the majority of my life on our sofa reading books throughou...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kevin Heffernan

    Kevin Heffernan


    I was a Street Outreach Worker for people struggling with severe emotional and behavior issues for 20 years - until I was diagnosed with a bipolar illness. My life came shattering down around me, s...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Valetta Stewart

    Valetta Stewart


    My name is Valetta but everyone that knows me and are not family, call me Su'Rae. This is: My Life before and after the ACE Certified Personal Trainer course through the SALUTE YOU Scholarship 2013...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kris Cameron

    Kris Cameron

    Coralville, IA

    My name is Kris Pritchett Cameron. I became a Personal Trainer to help those who were afraid to step into a gym. Their fears may stem from age, ability, weight, income, or lack of self-confidence. ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Sara Hauber

    Sara Hauber


    With metal bars attached to my spine, from T1 to L4, I never thought I'd be a fitness pro or a yoga teacher. In fact, for years I told myself I couldn't be a yoga teacher because I can't do a back ...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Kimberly Silvia-Pare

    Kimberly Silvia-Pare

    Swansea, MA

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. I had no risk factors, so I was completely caught off guard. It was an aggressive cancer, and I fought it aggressively with surgery, chemotherapy and r...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Cortney Raubenstine

    Cortney Raubenstine


    Growing up I was always thin and even had a hard time gaining weight. Since I was thin already, I never put much thought into exercise or being healthy. That is until I went off to college. The fir...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Virginie Breuer

    Virginie Breuer


    I was a 35 year old successful restaurant manager and I was proud of the fact that I had never worked out in my life! I was overweight but I did not know my weight as I always refused to weigh myse...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Anthony Phillips

    Anthony Phillips


    I am 33 years old from a small town in Tennessee called Monterey, about 15 minutes from where I currently reside in Cookeville. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Heath Coach and...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Teresa  Ma

    Teresa Ma

    KATY, TX

    To say that fitness is a way of life for me wouldn’t do it justice. To give credit where it’s due, fitness saved my life.I started running at the age 12 and was forever on whatev...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Karen Woodmansee

    Karen Woodmansee

    Lebanon, CT

    When I first thought about telling my story, I wasn’t sure I would have anything remarkable to say. I spent a great deal of time reflecting upon what I’ve done that could be called &ldq...

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  • ACE PROFiles - John Byrne

    John Byrne


    Exercise has always played a huge part in my life. Even as a child, I devoured books and articles about the methods used by my favorite football players to improve their conditioning. I emulated th...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Gina Crome

    Gina Crome

    Glendora, CA

    Five years ago, at the age of 34, I found myself at my heaviest weight: 312 lbs! In the prior years leading up that weight, I was finding it increasingly difficult to live a somewhat normal life. E...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Elizabeth Kovar

    Elizabeth Kovar


    From athlete to fitness professional, I was born to move. However, my story began in 2006 where I found stress and disease taking over my life as a newly certified fitness instructor in college. At...

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  • ACE PROFiles - Brett Klika

    Brett Klika

    San Diego, CA

    The health and fitness laws that govern being a kid are centered on “Playing is fun” and “Dessert is awesome.” No child embraced this mantra more than I did, growing up in O...

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