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ACE Profiles |  Ewunike Akpan

Ewunike Akpan

ACE Personal Trainer


Thanks to her mom, Ewunike Akpan grew up with physical activity at the center of her childhood. It wasn’t until she decided to participate in the 1999 AIDS Ride from Raleigh, N.C., to Washington, D.C., however, that she considered fitness as a career path. After forming training programs for herself and her co-workers at the time, she decided to pursue an ACE Certification. Since then, Ewunike has created her own company, LOTUS Fitness, and she has become an integral part of BOKS Kids, a Reebok Foundation organization that provides physical activity opportunities for children before school. Ewunike also teaches indoor cycling as well as other group fitness classes in the Washington, D.C. area. She is constantly challenging herself to combine her passion for health and fitness, and her love of education in new ways.

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"I grew up with activity as a part of my lifestyle."

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