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Dora Siverio-Macholl

North Fort Worth, Keller, TX

ACE Profiles |  Dora Siverio-Macholl

Since being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 20 years ago, I have experienced how debilitating this condition can become without an aggressive and consistent fitness conditioning program. A few years ago, I decided to include personal training as part of my therapy and it surprised me how quickly and completely the work affected my condition in a positive way. But it wasn’t until my husband and I were stationed in Germany and moved overseas that I developed a passionate interest in fitness and nutrition. The challenges that a big life change brings triggered a worsening of my condition. It was at that point that I decided to take control over my health from the inside out. I couldn’t believe what a comprehensive body fitness program allowed me to accomplish, not only physically but emotionally. My interest in becoming a personal trainer and an ACE Certified Health Coach was originally generated by my own curiosity to understand my body and how I could become a healthier individual. After working with other personal trainers, doing physical therapy and starting to live a healthier lifestyle, the results were too wonderful not to share. For the last 2 years I have been training and coaching family members, friends and clients in Germany. I also created a Facebook page to share best fitness practices, healthy eating recipes and to motivate others to adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle change. I enjoyed working with women facing the physical and emotional challenges that come with aging, menopause, injuries and being overweight. I see the potential to help other women, who just need some structure, education, a little motivation and consistent coaching. Once you see that potential, it is difficult not to want to do something about it. ACE was instrumental to fullfil my need to help others. ACE equipped me with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to become a reputable fitness professional. ACE support goes above and beyond any other organization. Great website, incredible customer service and over the top support to the military community. 


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