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Aaron Allie

ACE Personal Trainer

Waupaca, Wisconsin

ACE Profiles |  Aaron Allie

Some very awkward and impressionable grammar school years remain the prominent reason I’m so committed to helping others find or stay glued to fitness. As an overweight and unmotivated teen, I found a new escape of identity and accomplishment with weightlifting and jogging. For many, middle school and high school were about athletics and school dances, however struggling with my self image made extracurricular activities more uncomfortable than fun. My uncle donated a set of the old sand-filled weights when I was a junior, and I could barely lift them once. Fast forward a few months of dedication, and I could lift them multiple times, losing 50 pounds of fat in the process. I remember someone asking me, “Where did the other half of your body go?”

Since then, I’ve witnessed God put that same struggling teenager into my path over and over. Reaching into my not-too-distant memory, I share my story with them as a pep talk for their ambitious journey. “Think of your body like an hourglass. Every time you work out, even 15 – 20 minutes, you're losing a little sand.” Besides pushing them in a healthy direction with motivation, I aim to steer them away from the mistakes and troubles outside the gym. My goal is to make a difference and be a smile in their long-term memory when they move on to the adult world of families, jobs, money and nightlife.

Thinking back to my original visions about personal training, for some reason I thought it meant working a lot with power lifters and body builders. But really most of those guys/gals have the discipline, know-how and patience to do it themselves. I soon discovered the typical client was someone battling things like major addictions, injuries, insecurities and, I think, sometimes spiritual deadness. And after working a few years at it, somehow I felt more jubilant towards those people’s successes than say the high school track or basketball state champion. At moments throughout the week, I just stop and sit and be thankful that God changed me from a lazy, hamburger/pizza/soda guzzling kid to a competitive athlete in his late 30s. And as the competitive thirst slowly drains from my veins, my focus shifts to helping change society one exerciser at a time.

After toiling with the idea for a few years, we finally jumped aboard a steamship of faith and moved back across the country to the Midwest in hopes of opening a family-run personal training studio. We’d design and use our own philosophies 100 percent this time. Blessed with a $5,000 miracle from above, 2014 finds us soon completing the personal training studio in a 140-year-old building on Main Street in Waupaca, WI, called The Upper Room With Personal Trainer Aaron.


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