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Jessica Deany

ACE Group Fitness Instructor


ACE Profiles |  Jessica Deany

I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle in college and was very inactive and out of shape. Fortunately, I started getting involved in fitness my junior year and discovered a strong passion for it. I continued on to graduate and became a high school math teacher as planned, but I kept feeling the urge to do more with fitness and share it with others. I think my students felt this, too, as more and more of my lesson plans involved calculating target heart rates and nutritional percentages! After two years of teaching high school, I switched to a part-time position at a community college so that I could pursue GFI certification and eventually teach fitness classes at my local park district and a national gym. Now, I enjoy teaching several fitness classes a week and have already formed many bonds and friendships with my participants. It has become such a valuable part of my life. I am going back to teaching high school this fall, and I will continue to teach fitness classes on the side. I know that sharing fitness with others will always be a rewarding part of my life.


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