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Kim Tate


ACE Profiles |  Kim Tate

In 2010 I found myself spiraling down into a severe state of depression that seemed impossible to get out of. I had resigned from teaching in 2005 to become a stay-at-home mom. A daughter and twin boys later, I was still staying at home and without realizing it had completely isolated me from the world. I had lost my purpose, what it was in life that made me feel wanted and needed, other than as a wife and mother. It got so bad that in February of 2011 I had it all planned out how I was going to commit suicide. Fortunately I had a friend, without her even knowing it, intervene when she asked me out for lunch as I was heading out the door to kill myself. She got me the help I needed.

After being diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar and getting the treatments that I needed I began to enjoy life again and was able to focus on what it was that I wanted for myself. This is when I found exercise and realized how important it would be for my happiness and wellness. I had gained 85 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins and once I began working out I lost 90 pounds in just under a year and was starting to see some major definition in my muscles. Seeing that only pushed me harder and made me realize the body that I wanted. Then I was introduced to Zumba and that is where I found my true passion in life which is group fitness.

I immediately got certified to teach Zumba and now I'm certified for five different types of group exercise, along with Body Pump. I teach those classes along with a boot camp class at a gym and can honestly say I love my job! There is no better feeling then knowing that I'm helping people improve their lives with exercise the way that I did. I have people tell me all the time how much of an inspiration I am, but truly my clients are my inspiration. It's their transformations and being able to share in their successes and failures that push me to be the best instructor that I can be. There are so many physical benefits to exercise but I don't think a lot of people realize and understand the mental and emotional piece exercise can provide. Without it I would not be here today. I hope to inspire many people with my story.


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