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Brandon Soares


ACE Profiles |  Brandon Soares

If you would have told me out of high school I would be a personal trainer, I would have made sure to point out how terrible of a fortune teller you were! You don't leave high school 250 pounds, pre-diabetic and on your way to college for Computer Programming to ever plan to get near the fitness industry.

But it's exactly for those reasons that I am a personal trainer. My health education was limited, I didn't understand calories let alone carbs, proteins and fats. I had no idea how exercise interacted with weight loss. One day I wanted to change, so I started devouring all the information I could. I learned that I wasn't doomed to be overweight and unhappy with myself my entire life. I started running and weightlifting and transformed myself into exactly who I wanted to be. Couple that with a love of helping people and passion for learning, and I plan to show everyone in the Puget Sound area that I am the premier trainer for strength training and weight loss.


  • Karen Brown-Gordon

    Cedar City, Utah

    I have been working in the exercise science field since 1989. I received my masters in exercise science/physiology then, and my first ACE certification, which was Group Exercise Instructor -- of co...

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  • Geoffrey Rubin

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Fitness is my driving source of creating life-changing actions. Every story has a beginning and mine starts when I was a young man in middle school. It was an early May afternoon in 1999. My father...

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  • Christopher Prophet


    I'm Cj Prophet with Flex Squad Fitness and I've been a certified personal trainer for 6 years. I developed a love for personal training while going through my very own weight loss. I'd never been v...

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