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Heidi Blum

ACE Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Heidi Blum

You could say that I have they typical story of being the fat funny kid growing up and I turned that into a positive by becoming a personal trainer. But there is nothing typical about me. Not only was I overweight with a sense of humor, but I had tragedy hit me at a young age which contributed to emotional eating. I had lost my dad at age 11. I grew up in a loving family but they had an issue with my weight, calling me thunder thighs, etc. My friends and myself never had an issue because we had seen me from the inside out. I was always super athletic. So when I decided for myself that it was time to make a change, there was no stopping me. At age 18, I lost close to 70 pounds and forever adopted a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating.

When I was in my late 30s, tragedy struck again. My oldest sister became diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I was her stem cell donor. I took this as my purpose in life -- literally trying to save the person I was closest to and try to be her hero. She found out that she was positive for the BRCA gene, so my middle sister and I got tested and we were both positive as well. My oldest sister died a year later and from that moment I will never be the same. I took it upon myself to have my ovaries removed and then my middle sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it was caught in time, but that made me realize that I needed to do a double mastectomy as well. Watching one sister end her life too young and another sister with a terrible ordeal made me realize how short life is and the power that I have as a human being. So I really started to take control of my life.

It wasn't until my 40s that I really turned it up a notch and started doing half marathons and obstacle course races. I also realized that my positive energy and enthusiasm was contagious to those around me. I can inspire others by turning negatives into positives and taking brave steps outside of my box to learn and challenge and grow. I am also a mother of three and I need to set the example of having a goal and working hard to reach that goal. So, I got certified as an ACE Personal Trainer. That was my biggest challenge in a long time, but I passed with flying colors and a new chapter in my life was born. From training seniors to contemporaries to young kids, I have never felt so satisfied and grateful. I love being able to inspire my clients of all ages to believe in themselves and realize their own personal strengths, not just with a weight but deep inside.

Life is going to throw so many things at each one of us, but to know that you have the strength to deal with the ups and down is empowering. That is what I teach on a daily basis to my clients. Look in the mirror and see your beauty and power inside first and then it will show on the outside. When I look in the mirror, I see the that little girl who has risen to every challenge thrown at her and has succeeded and now has the power to pay it forward. That power is what makes my life a blessed life.


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