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Ariel Zimmerman

ACE Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Ariel Zimmerman

My story began in 2012 when I went to the local Anytime Fitness for my first bootcamp class. I came in amped and excited to get started. About halfway through the workout I felt like I was going to pass out, but then I got a second wind and finished just as strong as I'd began. I was so proud of myself for finishing the class. It was in that moment I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer. Lyle, the trainer who led the class, had been so positive and made me feel so good about myself, and I knew that I wanted to make other people feel that way. About a month after that first bootcamp, I became the manager of the Anytime Fitness. I knew this job was going to help get me several steps closer to my goal of becoming a personal trainer.

The gym opened up a whole bunch of opportunities for me, one of the most important ones being roller derby. I realized the importance of working with a personal trainer when I tried out for my local roller derby team. Having never been on skates before, I knew I was going to have to work my butt off to make a Blue Ridge Roller Girl roster. There were 30 girls on the team and only 25 spots on a roster, and I wanted one of those spots. I talked to Lyle about doing a small group training session to help me and two other girls get ready for tryouts. We worked out once a week every week for three months. I would also attend his weekly TRX classes because he would let me wear my skates during the warm ups. By the time November came, we all knew we would pass basic assessments, but making a roster to actually get play time was a whole other challenge. I continued to train with Lyle, and when the very first roster came out, I was ranked Number 23! After my first season I realized I could be really good at derby if I kept training for it. I continued to train with Lyle, and during this last off-season, he put me through a very advanced strength and endurance program because I wanted to make the All Star roster for Blue Ridge. I have since moved from Number 23 on my team all the way to Number 6! All of this happened because I saw the importance of working with a personal trainer.

If you are trying to do something you've never done before, you're going to need some help. My trainer has not only helped me in my workouts, but he has helped me create healthy lifestyle habits, which have helped me tremendously in derby, and in life in general. That is what personal trainers SHOULD do. Anyone can put someone through a workout, but to help someone create healthy habits is a how you make a positive difference their life. I want to make a positive difference in this world so I figured becoming a personal trainer would be a great place to start. I passed my ACE exam in April 2014. I am already working with several clients and my trainer even let me lead one of his bootcamps while he went out of town. I'm enjoying being able to help more of the members at my gym, and I hope one day to inspire someone like my trainer inspired me.



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