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Andrea Claassen

ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Minneapolis, MN

ACE Profiles |  Andrea Claassen

My fitness journey began in high school. I was a three-sport athlete back in high school and college, so fitness has always been part of my life growing up. When I was a junior in high school I started lifting weights before school in our school’s "girl’s weight room," which was in the back of our locker room. We didn’t have a lot of equipment or guidance. Usually it was just me and a friend working out before school, not really knowing what we were doing. I took it upon myself to start buying fitness magazines and self-taught my friend and I how to lift properly and what exercises to do. Fast forward to after college, I took my ACE personal training exam and started my journey as a trainer.

Though that is not to say I didn’t have my own struggles with my weight. I have always worked out and been in good shape most of my life. When I was in my mid-20s, I went out like most of the people my age did and drank too many cocktails, stayed out late, and ate very poorly at 3 a.m. I did that most Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. So needless to say, that caught up with me big time. I would always get my workouts in everyday during the week but would binge hard on the weekends. I really didn’t care what I ate or drank. One day I was sitting in a hammock with my boyfriend and it tipped more towards my side then his side. I was mortified and decided I better step on the scale. I had gained 40 pounds over the course of less than a year. So I decided I needed to change.

I was a personal trainer at the time and just didn’t notice the weight as it slowly crept on. After all, muscle ways more than fat -- that was my excuse. To make the changes I started practicing what I preached; I planned my meals, planned my workouts, stopped going out, went to bed in a timely fashion, and overall made better choices. After losing the 40 pounds, I have kept it off for five years now. I also feel as I’m getting older I’m getting in better shape with each year because I know my body and what it can do better then ever before.


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