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Karen Brown-Gordon

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, Health Coach

Cedar City, Utah

ACE Profiles |  Karen Brown-Gordon

I have been working in the exercise science field since 1989. I received my masters in exercise science/physiology then, and my first ACE certification, which was Group Exercise Instructor -- of course, in those days, it was called Aerobic Dance Exercise Instructor certification. In those days, there were no personal trainers to speak of. In 1991, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (I believe it was the second year that certification came out). With the degree and certification, I worked in clinics, hospitals, universities, YMCAs and still work in a hospital utilizing exercise to help people prevent, manage and reverse disease. I am now in my 25th year, and I must say, I have had such contentment in using various forms of exercise/movement/dance to help others find health and meaning in life. Seeing people find part of their identity in becoming a mover of some sort has been exciting and satisfying. Whether they become a yoga practictioner, a weight lifter, a hiker, a tai chi practictioner, etc. -- it doesn't matter. To witness individuals finding a healthy way in moving to find meaning and purpose to adopt as a lifestyle has been poignant.

Another fantastic aspect of the exercise science field is that it is perpetually stimulating. There is always a new exercise form to learn and share with people, to expose them to healthy activities to adopt. I am coming towards the end of my career, with retirement in sight in a few years, and I can look back and truly state that I am so grateful to have had the chance to work in such an awesome field that is ever changing and everlasting! 


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