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Inga Romanoff

Manhattan, NY

ACE Profiles |  Inga Romanoff

Fitness has been both a passion and a personal journey. Initially, I became serious about working out because of a personal injury. Over time, with help from my coaches, inspiration and support from my friends, I lost over 50 pounds, transformed my body, started competing and won a Pro athlete title. I am obsessed with symmetry and my training philosophy is based on consistency and a thoughtful, balanced approach, which is custom to every client and has long-lasting results. As I was learning more about personal training, I realized that diet and nutrition is very personal. I, for example, on top of juggling a busy career as a small business owner and intense training, have additional restrictions in my diet due to allergies to egg and milk. I basically have to stick to vegan dietary options while making sure I get sufficient protein. Imagine trying to get something in-between client appointments on the move!

It’s so rewarding to see your clients or friends or those you inspired to live their fit lives. One of my aspirations is to tell my story, inspire people to work towards a healthy beautiful physique, share tips on how to eat what’s right for you and achieve athletic goals. Fitness is about the journey itself and striving to achieve one’s personal best.

Photo courtesy of LHGFX Photography.


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