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Kimmy Addison

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Pittsburgh, PA

ACE Profiles |  Kimmy Addison

I have personally struggled with body image issues my entire life. I've been overweight and I have also been anorexic. Regardless of how I looked, I was never satisfied with my body, even at my lowest adult weight. In 2006, I saw my first Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout. I loved how athletic these women were and they were all shapes and sizes. They were very inspiring to me, and since I didn't have time to actually join the league as a skater, I decided to get involved as a cheerleader (we called ourselves "Jeerleaders"). We choreographed and performed dance routines at halftime and even learned a few stunts.

My involvement in Roller Derby introduced me to a fitness class called Punk Rope. The skaters used to take the class as part of their cross-training. I fell in love with the class and when the opportunity to become an instructor arose, I jumped at the chance. I am tall and very curvy and have visible tattoos. I definitely don't fit the Barbie Doll stereotype that most people have about what a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor should look like, but teaching a class called Punk Rope was just what I needed to get started. It was challenging and fun. Instructing the class seemed very natural to me. I started to gain confidence in myself in the process of helping others get into shape and reach their fitness goals. I've had people thank me after class for being inspiring and motivating. I found that people could relate to me being curvy instead of judging me for it. It made some people feel more at ease and less intimidated.

I became so passionate about motivating and helping others that I got certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through ACE in 2009 and then got certified as a Personal Trainer in 2010 through NFPT. I also have certifications in Spinning, Zumba and TRX. I currently teach 16 group fitness classes a week as well as training individual clients. Ive had the pleasure of working with children as well as adults up to the age of 85. I've experienced helping overweight clients lose over 20 pounds. I had a pre-diabetic client inform me that after training with me, her doctor said her condition improved greatly and she avoided having to take lifelong medication. I've helped a 77-year-old client with COPD improve her health and activities of daily life. I am currently working with a patient who has Parkinson's Disease. I am watching him get stronger and improve every week. My clients inspire me every day and I also inspire them.

I am happy that I have been able to motivate others to get in shape, stay in shape, and have a better quality of life. I am so proud of everything I've accomplished so far and will continue to accomplish. Even though I recently lost 25 pounds, I'm still a size 12. Every day I set out to prove to myself and the world that you don't have to look like a supermodel or be a size 6 to be fit and healthy. Anyone is capable of being fit and healthy. You just need to believe in yourself.


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