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Daniel Sopp

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Cortland, NY

ACE Profiles |  Daniel Sopp

It was four years ago in the summer of 2010 that I was seriously considering a career change. I was stuck in jobs that I really didn't like, but only stayed because I needed to pay the bills. I had heard about ACE through a friend and had always loved fitness. By the time I was 15 years old, I had caught the bug and fitness was a daily part of my life. Here I was, 15 years later, an had an epiphany: what if my hobby that I love so much could become my job? I knew it was going to take hard work, but I had set my mind to it. No longer would I settle for a job that was just alright, I wanted to create my own business. I ordered the ACE Personal Trainer study material and dedicated a lot of time to it, most of my free time that I had. After six months of study and preparation, I took my test in January of 2011 and passed with flying colors. I was so excited that I felt like a kid again, but this was just the beginning for me. That very month, I formed my business called Apex Fitness LLC. I made shirts, hats, business cards, pens and posters all with my logo as well as all the pertinent business forms and insurance. I started out doing in-home training at people's homes and just loved it. To me it wasn't work and I was genuinely loving what I was doing. On many occasions I found myself getting so into the training that I would run over the scheduled hour. I've also been told by clients that I seem to get more excited about progress that I see in my clients than they do! This was a passion that I loved and what started with a couple clients here and there started to grow. Looking back, that was over three years ago and I'm happy to say that Apex Fitness is going strong. I have my own fitness studio that my clients come to and have been able to grow a fantastic clientele in which I can now make a living doing entirely. Since then, I've also become a Group Fitness Instructor as well as an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist. I've even created my own hybrid fitness class which is doing very well at our local YWCA. It may sound cliche, but ACE really did change my life. I couldn't imagine not doing this, I have found my calling. My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier. Thank you ACE! 


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