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Geoffrey Rubin

ACE Personal Trainer

Scottsdale, AZ

ACE Profiles |  Geoffrey Rubin

Fitness is my driving source of creating life-changing actions. Every story has a beginning and mine starts when I was a young man in middle school. It was an early May afternoon in 1999. My father walked into my playroom where I was sitting upstairs indulging in a rather unhealthy lifestyle of video gaming and un-nutritious eating. He looked me straight in the eyes and simply shared a comment of, "Do you want to be like me when you grow up?" This comment is resounding because little did I know then, but my father has liver disease due to abusive eating habits. At the time, I simply knew that he was overweight and I didn't want that to be my future. That summer, I made a life-changing "cause" and set my focused efforts on understanding what a healthy and active lifestyle meant. Propelling myself forward, I lost 20 lbs from engaging in weekly cardiorespiratory and endurance training exercises over that summer break.

This wakeup call towards garnering a personal understanding of why it is of utmost importance to engage in a sustainable, healthy and active lifestyle is what I am sure led me towards becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Every day I ensure that I take my emotional connection to fitness and share that passion with my clientele. I'm so lucky that I have had an experience that led to my own healthy lifestyle changes, and being able to assist others on reaching their own health and fitness goals is a blessing.


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