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Kimberly Venti

Scituate, Massachusetts

ACE Profiles |  Kimberly Venti

My name is Kim and I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer living on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I am a very active individual that loves year-round surfing, Crossfit, yoga, stand-up paddleboarding and photography. I enjoy exercising and Im always excited to try new ways to help excel my health. I even enjoy cooking and trying fun and various combinations of foods to make nutritious meals. I enjoy it so much that I decided to share it with others. My hope is that I can help people discover the joy of making good nutrition and exercising a part of their lives.

My love for exercise began with playing year-round soccer in high school. This introduced me to the importance of exercise, balanced diet and dedication. A close friend also introduced me to surfing and I am happy to say it has been my addiction ever since. I went from year-round soccer to year-round surfing. I surf in all conditions from sunny summer days to cold frigid hurricane surf. I always enjoyed exercise but I started trying new ways to stay fit for all activities in my life. I frequently attend yoga, crossfit and Olympic weightlifting classes to help keep things interesting. And I LOVE them all.

Although it was apparent to others where my happiness would be fulfilled I let some time slip by trying various careers and continuing my education at a local university. My career path never seemed to be quite on track with my interests and goals in life. It took some time but I realized my happiness was embedded in a career in the fitness industry. It finally dawned on me that this was something I would truly enjoy doing. The thought that I could make a positive difference in someone’s life by simply sharing my love of exercise and nutrition overwhelmed me with happiness.

I pursued this career by continuing to explore all areas of exercise and obtaining my Personal Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I am also CPR certified by the American Heart Association. I plan to continue to obtain more knowledge and certifications in the future to help people achieve their fitness goals and happiness through exercise.


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