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William Neco

Brooklyn, NY

ACE Profiles |  William Neco

At 11 years old, I nagged my parents to buy me a weight set so I could become like the pro wrestlers I watched on TV. But it all changed for me one day iun 1972 when I saw Vasily Alexyev on the cover of "Sports Illustrated." At age 11 I dedicated myself to training for Olympic lifting. I could press my own body weight (105 lbs at that time), and at 13 I won an open powerlifting event and set national records for teenagers that still stand today. At 17, while training by myself, I hurt my knee squatting 315 lbs, so I dropped out of weightlifting.

I became sedentary and by 37 years old, I was 60 lbs overweight. I was embarrassed when a McDonalds cashier told me to step to the back of the line cause I didn't need food as much as the other person in line. I took up a calisthenics circuit regimen I made up of bodyweight squats, pushups and leg raises. I also did pullups on breaks on my messenger job where I walked 7 miles a day. Coupled with diet changes, in 6 months I dropped 55 lbs. At 44 I worked for a juice bar which gave employees access to the New York sports club. Soon afterwards I took the trainer exam and passed. I took up the NASM cert course where I developed a passion for corrective exercise. I learned that the intrinsic functions of the body can heal a person and improve any area of sports and fitness.

Now at 53 years old my passion is in stabilty, corrective exercise, core stabilty and training people to perfect all movement through strength resistance equipment, bands and stabilty programs. I currently hold an ACE certification as well as NASM and HKC Kettlebell certifications. My goal is to further my knowledge of functional movement, science and sports medicine so I can work as first as a physical therapist assistant and then go the school for a degree in sports medicine. It's never too late!


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