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Claudio Yakupka

ACE Personal Trainer


I came to the USA with the dream of being a successful personal trainer. It took me four years working in the food-service industry to save the money to become ACE certified and start to work as personal trainer. I trained high-end clientele in Northern Virginia. It was one day after I listened to my mentor Todd Durkin during my first IDEA PT East Institute that I came home and told my wife I am going to quit my job and work toward my dream of having my own in-home personal training business. Todd Durkin made me believe in me again. I felt unstoppable after listening to him. My wife thought I was crazy! We had a one-year-old baby at the time. But I just did that, I started my own in-home personal training business, and it was really successful.

I met Arthur, my inspiration, during this time. He had MS and liver cancer. He taught me how to face adversity, how to have a positive attitude, and how to live inspired. After four years of battling for his life, he died, but what he taught me was priceless. The first time I met his wife, she said that I was the reason why Arthur lived so long and my work was better than any MS drug the doctors gave him. That moment changed my career and that is why I do what I do -- to change people's lives and create IMPACT.

If you have a dream, please go follow it. Don't listen to anybody, follow your heart. I left my family, friends, job and everything to make my dream come true. It took some time grinding everyday and never forgetting why I came to the USA. The road wasn't easy, but at the end of the tunnel there is light and you will find it.

I hope my story inspires you wherever your are in your life. 


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