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Jessica Glaser

ACE Personal Trainer, Health Coach


ACE Profiles |  Jessica Glaser

I began my weight-loss journey in 2003, when I was faced with the reality of being a role model for my toddler daughter. I grew up as an obese child and had been overweight my whole life. I remember how it feels to be different and ashamed of how you look. I had been on every diet imaginable; I was put in Weight Watchers at age 10, and I spent my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood as a miserable, lonely and overweight girl. I married early and for the wrong reasons, and never understood my own self-worth. Fed up with feeling bad, I joined a gym that had childcare for my daughter. I walked into a step class the first day and joined in the back row without making eye contact with anyone. I went almost every day, and in three months I had lost 45 pounds. Once I changed my diet using my nursing knowledge, I was able to lose a total of 135 pounds.

People always asked me what my "secret" was, and I became inspired to help others achieve the same goals that I once had. I started teaching group fitness in 2005. I taught many formats like step aerobics, spinning, muscle conditioning, Zumba, circuits, bootcamps, abs classes and more. I was certified by ACE as a Group Fitness Instructor in 2006. From there I went on to receive the Health Coach and Personal Training certifications.

While working my nursing job, I sustained a significant injury to my lower back. Keeping my healthy lifestyle is even more important after three back surgeries. I have had to learn many new ways to exercise while keeping my lower back safe. I have learned to modify harmful movements that are routinely used in exercise classes to protect my lower back. My focus as a trainer is to help people to achieve their goals while remaining injury free.

I am passionate about education because I want to do everything I can to keep my clients from ever having to suffer through an injury. I am in constant search of best practice. Many people, including other fitness professionals, cling to traditional movements, despite research that some of those movement patterns can create injury. I enjoy "myth-busting" and challenging traditional thought. I am constantly learning from my clients, staying empathetic while pushing them just past what they think they can achieve. My approach to weight loss varies for each individual. Everyone has different reasons for their behavior, and helping clients to discover these reasons is essential for success.

I own a small studio in Milwaukee, Wis. called Mantra Fitness. I enjoy seeing the great results my clients are achieving by making small changes in their movement, food intake and lifestyle. It’s funny that people think I have always been as thin as I am now. I think the best gift I got besides excellent health is that I remember how my former self thought. I feel that being able to see both sides to a weight-loss experience gives me the motivation to maintain and continuously improve.


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