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Jennifer Pirtle

ACE Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Jennifer Pirtle

Fitness and nutrition has always played a very large part in my life. As a child I was active in dance, loved running and playing with my friends. When I was ten years old, my family had a very major move from a small town to a relatively big city. I found myself with crippling anxiety and an inability to cope with the major changes in my life, triggered both by the move and by an event that was incredibly traumatic and personal. I developed an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and struggled with my eating disorder for approximately a decade. Starving and over exercising were unfortunately my means for coping with anything and everything.

At 5'5" I, at one point, plummeted down to 80 lbs and then gained enough weight to avoid being hospitalized. I found myself in a very dark and lonely place. During a time when most people were discovering pieces of themselves in their youth, I was trying to starve away every inch of myself and numb myself from my feelings and, quite honestly, disappear. After several visits to treatment centers, I was able to grasp onto recovery and learn how to eat without guilt and how to exercise with the intent of feeling better rather than with the intention of looking better. It was a very long road, but I can say I have been in active recovery for nearly four years.

In 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who completely changed my life. He forced me to grow up, to gain strength where I was lacking it and to take charge of my life in a way I hadn't before. During the beginning of my recovery, I was an active yoga enthusiast, it had helped me find my own strength in my body and feel good about myself. I was using exercise as a stress reliever, but primarily relied on cardiovascular exercise and wasn't really doing much strength training. I knew my new found passion for healthy living was something I could use to make a better life for myself and my son, so in the spring of 2013, I decided to expand on that passion and purchased ACE's online study bundle for my personal trainer certification.

In August of 2013, I officially became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. My life took a whole new direction!In December of 2013, I found a small and private gym, The Right Fit Fitness Studio, owned by JR Spann, that I could train clients out of, rather than trying to find the means to train clients in home. JR has taught me so very much and has expanded on all of the things I learned from ACE. I have now been growing my clientele and have found my own success in the fitness industry, have recently accepted a sponsorship for a women's fitness apparel store and have met so many wonderful and incredible people who have helped me get my career started and have supported me through out my journey. If it hadn't have been for ACE, I truly do not believe I would be in the position I am today, to have found a career that gives me the flexibility to be a mom and to help people change their lives for the better.

Another source of inspiration has been my incredible boyfriend, who was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 2008, and went from being a marathon runner to being paralyzed from the waist down. We spent five years as friends, supporting each other through our own struggles, and recently celebrated our one year anniversary in February. I have seen his strength and his persistence, hitting his physical rehab faithfully and still pursuing his goal of walking again, working and finding success in his own right, and being a source of strength for so many people, always being the first to lend a hand.

I am beyond blessed in my life, I am so grateful to ACE for giving me the education to be successful as a personal trainer and to help guide me in my career choices with their professional resources. I feel so blessed to have the opportunities I have been afforded because of my certification and plan on continuing my education with both the Health Coach and the Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist certifications in the future.


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