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Dana Fine


ACE Profiles |  Dana Fine

My name is Dana and I have over thirty years  of experience in the health, fitness and rehabilitation field. I have extensive experience in general adult fitness, the senior/mature market and post-rehabilitation. I am an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and I also have my SrFit Certification from the American Academy of Health and Fitness.

I am dedicated to providing education and motivation to my clients as well as enthusiasm for their program. My goal is to assist my clients in committing to healthy lifestyle changes as well as helping them to achieve their fitness and wellness goals, having fun in the process. I have worked with all age groups and I love what I do.

I went to college/graduate school in Boston where everyone was jogging/runner. Somewhat chubby, I started to run in my early twenties to lose weight as well as started to weight train well before women were weight training. It completely transformed my body and my frame of mind. I never felt better or prouder of what I had achieved. I took my passion for fitness and turned it into a career and role model.

I love to help others achieve their goals and watch their lives transform, too! I became involved with working in rehabilitation and worked with many physiatrists and physical therapists and developed a love for that environment and many years of experience there.

I also love to work with the senior market which became the demographic I have concentrated on. They take their health seriously, I have so much fun with them and enjoy seeing them become stronger and fitter. I love to hear their stories and learn from them, as well. With patience and guidance, my clients have a great program that they enjoy and will be successful at. I have been personal training most of my clients for well over a decade.


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