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Boe Glasschild

ACE Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Boe Glasschild

My connection to the fitness world began at an early age. I was born a severely asthmatic child. Until about the age of 11 or 12, I spent the majority of my life on our sofa reading books throughout the year. Living in west Texas, the climate was a challenge so my parents kept me indoors and provided me with tons to read. Then one day I was given the Boy Scout of America manual.

I was really captivated by the section that pertained to swimming for a merit badge. I read and reread this section until I built up the courage to ask my parents to let me go swimming. The answer was a firm "No, you will drown." I pondered this reply for weeks, then decided that I would slip out of the home during the day when both parents were at work and go swimming alone as I knew where the public pool was. When I first arrived at the pool I went to the wading section and began practicing as the manual described.

I was somewhat embarrassed as I was nearly two feet taller than the smaller children but I could not be with my classmates that swam in the deeper end of the pool. Eventually I felt comfortable enough to get into the deep end and either hang on the side or jump feet first from the low board towards the bank. This was short lived however, as one day the life guard told me to either climb up the high board, jump out into the pool, and swim to the rope. Or, I could return to the wading pool. Well, I wanted to be with my friends so I climbed the high board and looked down at the water. Even though I was afraid, I was more embarrassed to return to the wading pool. I jumped-then surfaced and swam to the rope. I felt that swimming healed my sickness.

The following years I participated in basketball, long distance running, hiking, camping, and serious road biking. To date I have 10 fitness certifications ranging from ACE CPT to Cross Fit to USWFA instructor trainer. My motto is "MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE" and I teach in some form of fitness several times a day six days weekly.


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