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Kevin Heffernan


ACE Profiles |  Kevin Heffernan

I was a Street Outreach Worker for people struggling with severe emotional and behavior issues for 20 years - until I was diagnosed with a bipolar illness. My life came shattering down around me, so it was suggested after various treatments and therapies that I fulfill a dream I once had - hiking the Appalation Trail from Georgia back home to Maine.

After five months of hiking and deep thought about how I can bring the benefits of the woods to my everyday life, I knew that exercise was key to my well being. I completed the entire Appalation Trail and gained confidence in taking back control of my life. My mantra became "I may have a bipolar illness, but it does NOT have me."

I researched the effects of exercise, and was not that surprised to learn of the healing power it had. It was then that I decided to combine two of my passions - helping emotionally struggling people and exercise. I took the ACE course to become a Group Fitness Instructor, and though it was hard for me, I earned my certification with the encouragement of my family, doctors, and ACE. I recently achieved my certificate in the Mind/Body specialty, and am about to open up my own business.

BodyEmotion will cater to the senior population that wants to improve their everyday living skills, special needs children who need extra attention and patience to help them grow and learn, and others who dream of reducing stress and negative thoughts to get the most out of life. For two years I have gatherered equipment and shaped my vision of helping others through the power of exercise. With the support and encouragement of my family, doctors, and ACE staff, my vision is now a reality. I will always have a bipolar disorder, but it will NEVER have me. 


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