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Kris Cameron

ACE Personal Trainer

Coralville, IA

ACE Profiles |  Kris Cameron

My name is Kris Pritchett Cameron. I became a Personal Trainer to help those who were afraid to step into a gym. Their fears may stem from age, ability, weight, income, or lack of self-confidence. I believe every one should have the ability to be healthy and to exercise. It's about finding the right program for each person. I've worked with children as young as 6 and their parents in a family based wellness program, to a 85 year old with Parkinson's disease.

I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Exercise for Parkinson's Instructor, & Certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Instructor. One of my favorite programs I taught early on was a women's strength training class. This was back in the day before Body Pump or group strength. Group exercise classes were mostly Step or Floor Aerobics. Most of the women that came in were middle to older aged and had never lifted weights in their life. Many thought it was something they weren't supposed to do. They were all intimidated by the weight room. They learned not only about lifting weights, but how to be confident in their abilities. Seeing their confidence grow to where they could walk right up and lift next to the most muscular guy in the gym was the best!

My specialty has always been working with older adults. Again, this was a generation who didn't "workout" and didn't understand what all the hype was about. My focus was all about health and that they understood. I still specialize in working with older adults, including people with Parkinson's disease, arthritis, MS, and other chronic diseases. When someone realizes their quality of life depends on their physical abilities, it's a game changer. My saying is, "This is not about looking good in a swimsuit or skinny jeans. This is about your life, being there for your family, getting up and down the stairs in your house, and carrying your own groceries. It's all about health."


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