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Sara Hauber


ACE Profiles |  Sara Hauber

With metal bars attached to my spine, from T1 to L4, I never thought I'd be a fitness pro or a yoga teacher. In fact, for years I told myself I couldn't be a yoga teacher because I can't do a back bend. I can't bend my back AT ALL. My spine sure is crooked, even after I endured the spinal fusion that accompanied those metal bars.

I'm still far more crooked and imbalanced than the average person. But rather than be sedentary and rue the day I was born (with idiopathic progressive scoliosis), I made a choice to learn everything possible about how this incredible thing called a "body" works, and how to keep it out of pain after what can only be described as the excruciating pain of back surgery and recovery.

Since turning to a career in fitness, I have inspired, motivated, and educated countless people on their way to a healthier, happier, pain-free life. My back-care methods are now (finally) available to anyone and everyone in gorgeous streaming video. The day my program "went live" was the happiest of my professional life so far! Finally, I was able to reach people in pain, even people I had never met!

Even with big hunks of metal attached to my spine, I can say without a doubt: Our bodies were not designed to be in pain. It's pretty awesome that my own personal history of back surgery and back pain has led me to be a leader in teaching pain-free fitness. It's really true that our unique struggles give us gifts that we might never imagine possible.


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