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Kimberly Silvia-Pare

ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Swansea, MA

ACE Profiles |  Kimberly Silvia-Pare

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. I had no risk factors, so I was completely caught off guard. It was an aggressive cancer, and I fought it aggressively with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. As my hair was starting to grow back, I asked my oncologist, "So, when can I start running again?" He laughed but it really got me thinking that I needed to make some healthy changes to prolong my life. I didn't want to end up in a casket with friends and family saying "oh, she should have done this, she should have done that..."

So I decided to get ACE certified as a group exercise instructor. I loved that so much that I then became ACE certified as a personal trainer 2 years later. I pay it forward by working with cancer survivors who have limited mobility or just no drive to better their health. I feel I can help that particular group of people because I've been there. Cancer survivor is a group that no one wants to be a member of, but we are surviving and thriving and I attribute that to positive attitude and taking care of the body that we're given.

I currently teach cycling, TRX, Barre and Total Body classes and I love every minute of it! I have found my calling, and not everyone can say that. I am now 13 years out from my diagnosis, and I continue to love what I do every day. Fitness becomes part of your life, and I love opening peoples' eyes to that fact. My motto is "keep fitness fun for everyone" and I believe I do that every day!


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