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Virginie Breuer

ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Virginie Breuer

I was a 35 year old successful restaurant manager and I was proud of the fact that I had never worked out in my life! I was overweight but I did not know my weight as I always refused to weigh myself but I knew that I went from a size 4 to a size 12 within a year. I was super busy working 60 hours a week and I was so focused on my job that I became a mean boss and a very stressful lady!

One day, I happened to take a good look at myself and I saw a wing flapping under my right arm...I was mortified (like it happened overnight) I looked like my 65 year old mother. That day, I knew I had to change...I just did not know how yet! I remembered a friend telling me that she lost 30 lbs with the Zumba fitness program so I checked it out online and I went to my first class. I was so emotional it was pathetic, I was paralyzed with fear of looking like a fool and I did not know if I could do it... One whole hour!!! Anyway, I did it. Yes, me, I did it! I didn't think I was worth having as much fun as I did. :)

I woke up the next morning and fell out of bed as you could only imagine how my body reacted to sudden aerobic exercise. I knew then that I had a choice to make: go back to another class ignoring the pain or give up again like I wanted to! I went with option number one against my whole being! It would have been so much easier to quit right there...BUT I DIDN'T!!I went, again and again and again and I LOVED IT!! I started loosing weight, it was like a miracle! I decided to accompany this quite awesome awakening experience with some research on nutrition and healthy eating and living. I started cooking healthy and I went to Zumba faithfully 4 times a week. My instructor was amazing, she pushed and encouraged me to get better and better...We are now great friends!

After a year of trying to quiet my inside voice telling me to quit my job and start a career in fitness, I finally did! Me, the overweight, never worked out a day in her life lady quit her job to embark in the Zumba fitness program and become an instructor. I lined up my classes and started teaching a year ago. What a great experience it has been but I knew that I wanted more for me and my professional career so I started studying for the Group Fitness certification which I passed in December 2013! It was the best day ever. :) I want to be able to able people on their journey, reassure them when things go wrong, be there when they need me! I will never forget how being fat feels and I will do anything I can to help my community lose weight and get healthy! I can't wait to start studying for the Health Coach certification!


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