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Teresa Ma


ACE Profiles |  Teresa  Ma

To say that fitness is a way of life for me wouldn’t do it justice. To give credit where it’s due, fitness saved my life.

I started running at the age 12 and was forever on whatever exercise gimmick my mom brought home. Back then I never considered myself an athlete. I just loved to move.

In my 20s, while still active, I was pursuing my journalism degree and despite the fact that it was “my plan” I never felt fulfilled.

A few years later still with no direction, BOOM!, I suffered an internal tear on my utera caused by a kidney stone. This led to months in and out of the hospital, endless painkillers, a new friend in the form of a catheter, a handful of surgeries and worst of all an almost complete eradication to any physical activity. It was the hardest time in my life. Admittedly, I had taken for granted the ability to move and now, devastated at the loss of that option I became depressed.

About a year later, thanks to a great system of social support, I was back on my feet and healing well. Yet the months of not moving and emotional eating had taken its toll both physically and mentally.

Slowly but surely I got back into working out. My self-efficacy increased and I began connecting with role models and mentors in the fitness industry via social media. It was a world I never knew existed. There were groups of positive people supporting one another, teaching, learning, giving and growing. It was amazing and I knew that just as they were, I wanted to positively impact the lives of others. I wish I’d known any one of these people while I was sick but the fact was now I had the chance to step up and be that person for someone else.

That’s where ACE came into my life. I eagerly pursued my Group Fitness Certification. It provided me with the foundation of knowledge I needed and, coupled with my passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of others, allowed me to accomplish my goals and create new ones.

Taking this to heart and with a desire to reach more people I have transferred that passion into CeteLife, a corporate wellness provider whose mission is to inspire action-based wellness through encouraging the social and supportive ties that exist within the workplace. The aim is to help people live happier and healthier lives through a fun, engaging and effective program of wellness. CeteLife is more than a business, it’s a privilege filled to the brim with potential that has been realized in large part because of ACE.

As an ACE pro I’ve met inspiring and courageous people. I’ve had unforgettable times and as I continue to learn and grow I can’t help but revel in the excitement of what’s next to come. It’s the race of my life that I never want to finish.


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