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Karen Woodmansee

ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Coach

Lebanon, CT

ACE Profiles |  Karen Woodmansee

When I first thought about telling my story, I wasn’t sure I would have anything remarkable to say. I spent a great deal of time reflecting upon what I’ve done that could be called “inspiring.” Then I realized that perhaps not every story worth telling needs to be about spectacular achievements. After all, not everyone climbs Mount Everest. That’s not the norm, that’s the unexpected exception. For most of us, we simply spend each and every day trying to help people take better care of themselves against all life’s obstacles. That’s what I do. I help.

I started teaching group fitness classes nearly 18 years ago. I was already an elementary school teacher, but this was something else entirely. I was scared to death! Was my choreography going to be too hard, or worse, too easy? Would I even remember it or would I find myself standing frozen in front of the class? There was only one thing I was sure of: MAKE IT FUN! And wow, did we have fun! That class was the beginning of an amazing journey that continues to this day.

Throughout my career, I have taught group fitness classes for children, adults, active seniors and seniors in assisted living. I have taught physical education for students in kindergarten through 8th grade, and I’ve written curriculum for nine grade levels. I have seen fitness trends come and go, and then return again. I was honored to be nominated by a colleague for Group Fitness Instructor of the Year for the 2004 ACE Achievement Awards.

It is because of my group classes and teaching experience that I became an ACE Personal Trainer. As a Group Fitness Instructor, in every class I taught, my students would come to me after class and ask advice about certain exercises or give me details of “this ache” or “that tightness,” followed by “how do I fix it?” and “Can you help me?” Their responses to my advice were often, “I wish we could work one on one.” What an honor! I decided to get my Personal Trainer Certification because it was a natural extension of what I was already doing and what I wanted to continue doing – helping people. The day I passed my exam I already had several clients ready and waiting. My business, Time For You Fitness, was already booming!

A few months later I became an ACE Health Coach, which provided me with tools and strategies I needed to combine exercise and nutrition with behavior modification. For me, being a Health Coach is the link that ties it all together.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to many groups, including Weight Watchers and the local NAACP chapter. I am exceedingly proud to be an ACE subject matter expert and to have represented ACE as spokesperson for Hershey Track and Field. As a presenter, it is an indescribable thrill for me to interact with the audience and share their excitement as they realize that their goals are attainable.

In these many years I have worked with all ages and have been blessed by each and every wonderful individual with whom I have encountered. They have helped me probably more than they will ever know. That’s why I greet my clients every day by saying, “Thanks for coming.” I am honored they choose to share their precious time with me. I am humbled by their respect for me. I may never climb Mount Everest; there are others for that task. My job is to help. My job is to encourage and motivate, to challenge and have a little fun. And if I can say each day that someone’s life was a little happier for being with me, then I guess maybe that is a pretty spectacular achievement. Namaste.


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