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Elizabeth Kovar

ACE Personal Trainer


ACE Profiles |  Elizabeth Kovar

From athlete to fitness professional, I was born to move. However, my story began in 2006 where I found stress and disease taking over my life as a newly certified fitness instructor in college. At 21 years of age, I had three jobs, 18 credit hours of classes, my first relationship and an obsession with being stuck in a past experience of studying abroad in Australia. My life became so unbalanced I fell sick from stress with anxiety, panic attacks, hair loss and stomach issues. I had no control over my mind, emotions and did not accept certain things in life.

I secretly had a passion for yoga, travel and jumping outside the comfort zone. During my time in Australia I realized I wanted to be just like my yoga instructor, who helped me on my path of personal growth and spirituality. While distressed, I discovered a fellowship that Bowling Green State University would offer to two students. The motto, “What would you do, if you could do anything?” inspired me to follow my gut and write a proposal to integrate my two passions: travel and health. I proposed to study yoga in India, and with full support from loved ones, I earned one spot and packed a bag to explore a culture opposite of America.

During my time studying yoga and Ayurveda and traveling throughout India, I learned more about myself in nine weeks than I did in three years of college. It was what I called “human education.” It was a priceless experience to be able to learn how powerful our mind is, which can make or break many situations. Yoga taught me more than physical flexibility. Rather, it allowed me to grow as an individual, discover true happiness and better accept and handle life situations. In addition, it has given the confidence and strength to go for dreams and goals that would normally seem impossible.

As a geek for eastern philosophy and ancient wisdom, I am forever grateful for my yoga experience. This invaluable perception has translated into my professional skills as a trainer and instructor. It has allowed me to guide my clients that diet and nutrition are only two pieces of the wellness pie. Exercise and nutrition pursuits are not just about looking great in a pair of jeans; they dive deeper than our appearance.

Looking beyond the surface, adopting health behaviors is a choice and is part of one’s personal growth path. It’s about being able to move, function and celebrate our existence through things that we love such as hiking, biking or playing with kids.

My slogan, “Celebrate Movement. Celebrate Life.” defines me as a trainer and life coach to encourage the best of my clients each and everyday. I truly believe when getting out of your comfort zone, which exercise is for most Americans, amazing things happen. No matter what happens in life, our only backup plan is to rely on our own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to lead us back to the right path in life.


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