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ACE-certified Success Stories

"Len's enthusiasm for teaching and connecting with his students and his extensive reach and presence within the industry clearly defined him as our top candidate in this category," said Cedric Bryant, PhD, ACE chief science officer.

Len Kravitz, Ph.D., exercise physiologist and associate professor at the University of Mexico since 1999, possesses sharp intellect and an appetite for learning everything about the moving body. He preceded this with a rewarding, three-year career at the University of Mississippi as assistant professor, program director of exercise science and graduate coordinator of wellness. Before earning his doctorate in health, physical education and recreation in 1994 from the University of Mexico, Kravitz served for nine years as the director of aerobics programs and computer committee chairperson in the Department of Human Performance at San Jose State University. He began his fitness career in 1980 as a part-time instructor at the University of California Santa Cruz before pursuing a master's degree in physical education at San Jose State University.

Kravitz's many honors include the 2003-2004 "Best Teacher of the Year" award from the University of New Mexico, Researcher of the Year award from the University of Mississippi in 1999, and becoming IDEA's Instructor of the Year in 1987 - the first ever recipient of this prestigious award. He is highly regarded in the fitness industry to be a renowned and admired international presenter, lecturer and researcher.

In addition to his multitudinous duties at the University of Mexico, Kravitz has actively served as the coordinator of exercise science since 2000. He was a formerly a nationally ranked gymnast and actor-dancer, and maintains that education is his guiding principle both personally and professionally.

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