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ACE-certified Success Stories

Helga Yang
ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

I am an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor. If you turned back the clock 25 years, you would see that I was far from what one would consider an athletic child. I was the skinny geeky kid who always brought up the rear of the gym class, just in front of my overweight and asthmatic classmates.

P.E. was the only blemish on my report card. The whole experience was rather discouraging and kept me from trying out for any sports. In my late adolescent years, the aerobics craze led by Jane Fonda was the biggest blessing. I finally found an activity I could do in the privacy of my own home where no one would point and laugh at me for being so physically inept.

I started out doing the 20 Minute Workout, which proved to be quite a stretch for me within the first 10 minutes. Each time I did the program, I tried to hang in a little longer. Eventually I was able to last through the entire 20 minutes, but it took a lot of dedication and perseverance.

While I was in college, the daily aerobics classes became my stress busters, and I was no longer a closet exerciser. During a college internship, I joined a gym where the head instructor approached me and asked if I would be interested in becoming an aerobics instructor. "Who? Me?" I immediately had a flashback of myself as the kid who could not keep up with her gym class.

I got talked into becoming an instructor and as my self-confidence grew, it seemed like a whole new world of physical activities opened up. I started doing karate; I ran my first 10K; I learned how to ski and now participate in annual ski trips; and I learned how to skate (both in-line and ice). Learning how to ice-skate has been the cherry-on-top for me. It's something I always wanted to try as a kid.

It didn't matter that I took my first lesson at 28 and nothing came naturally for me. There's nothing like fulfilling a childhood fantasy. I now compete in local adult skating competitions. I didn’t abandon my first love, aerobics classes, and I’m still teaching today. I also enjoy learning the new formats that keep popping up.

I’ve learned that physical fitness is something that can be acquired. It does not require any talent. For me, achieving my personal fitness boiled down to three things: setting small intermediate goals, consistency and perseverance.

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