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ACE-certified Success Stories

Fred Hoffman, MEd
ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor
Reebok France
Paris, France

1st Runner-up, 2005 Group Fitness Instructor of the Year
1st Runner-up, 2004 Group Fitness Instructor of the Year
2nd Runner-up, 2003 Group Fitness Instructor of the Year

In a career that spans more than 20 years and 45 countries worldwide, I have trained tens of thousands of fitness professionals in areas ranging from choreography-based aerobics to injury prevention and personal training techniques. I have introduced fitness programs around the globe to motivate countless participants to get fit and lead healthy lifestyles.

Throughout my career, ACE has played an important role in providing me with the necessary tools to be a successful instructor, educator and presenter. By setting professional industry standards, ACE has allowed me to excel both personally and professionally.

I started my fitness career by chance. At the time, I was a practicing respiratory therapist and teaching respiratory therapy at Northeastern University’s College of Pharmacy and Allied Health in Boston. Looking to tone up and get in shape, I started taking a jazz exercise class.

This led me to other classes and finally to my mentor, who taught the first truly structured exercise class that I had seen. I was a devoted student and never missed one of her classes. One day, she called with an urgent request - she needed a substitute and asked me to teach. Voila, a career was born.

Currently, I am the fitness consultant for Reebok France. My responsibilities include managing a team of six Master Trainers, acting as liaison between the corporate fitness department and sponsored health clubs, organizing fitness education workshops, seminars and conventions, conducting press conferences and coordinating photo shoots. I still teach a few group classes each week for hands-on experience.

With a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy and a master's degree in health education, I have always recognized the need for continued education. ACE provides opportunities for growth through their publications, the resource center and the website. As the fitness industry has grown, so has ACE, developing certification programs and study packages that are among the most respected and recognized in the fitness and health industry.

In 1987, a colleague mentioned that he was planning to take an ACE certification exam (at that time it was IDEA). Always looking for a challenge, I decided to do the same and started hitting the books. Passing the exam was truly a delight. I felt that I belonged to a larger fitness family. At that time, there were few certified instructors, and my ACE certification put me ahead of the pack and opened new doors. This has continued throughout my career.

In France and abroad, I have established a solid reputation as a fitness expert. I am often quoted on the latest trends in the fitness industry and my recommendations for safe and effective fitness programming. I always refer to ACE when speaking to journalists. When preparing presentations for conferences and conventions, I often refer to the ACE Group Fitness and Personal Trainer manuals. They are great sources for up-to-date research and industry guidelines.

After moving to France in 1989, I realized that there were few opportunities for European fitness professionals to keep their certifications current, so I became an ACE Continuing Education Credits (CECs) provider. This, in turn, opened up more international work opportunities.

I have worked for Reebok France for the past 13 years, and was a member of the original Step Reebok Team. I work closely with Reebok International to promote health and wellness through the Reebok University programs abroad. All of our programs at Reebok University provide ACE CECs.

In 1999, I participated in the First International ACE Certification Meeting in Milan, Italy. The primary goal was to create the first-ever international exam for the ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certifications. Participating was truly rewarding, as was working side by side with some of the best professionals in the industry. Our common goal: To make the exams as internationally oriented as possible. The exams were administered for the first time in late 2000. I was impressed with ACE's insight into the evolving fitness industry and recognition that fitness is truly a global phenomenon.

Another career highlight came in 2003, when I received news that I was the second runner-up for the 2003 ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the Year award. In 2004 and 2005 I was recognized as the first runner-up. Not only am I proud to be ACE certified, but I am also honored to have been recognized by America’s Authority on FitnessTM. Next goal: To win the award!

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