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ACE-certified Success Stories

Marilyn Pick, BS, ACE, AFAA PT
ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor
Fitness Dimensions Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

When I started in the fitness industry, I knew I had a responsibility to teach a safe, effective and beneficial program. I researched the leading professional associations in the country and found that ACE was the one I could benefit from the most. I received the ACE Gold Certificate for Excellence and have kept my certification current with many continuing education courses.

As owner of Fitness Dimensions Inc. and Group Fitness Director of Baltimore Fitness and Tennis, I am often described as someone who packs a 48-hour day into 24. I get my energy from teaching a variety of aerobic and group fitness classes, and directing a program that includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, martial arts, mind/body, and specialty classes.

ACE has provided me with excellent information that I use to educate the public on how to become physically active. I often refer the Health and Fitness Tips on the ACE website when writing and performing fitness segments on network and cable television. Fit Facts™ from ACE are an excellent resource for my lectures at conferences on "Developing Healthy Lifestyles," "How to Get and Keep People Moving," and "Exercise: Anytime, Anywhere." ACE is also an important source when I am writing articles on various aspects of fitness for magazines.

Because of my dedication to helping people improve the quality of their lives by becoming physically active, I was reappointed by the governor for a second term to the Maryland State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness. Being on the council affords me the opportunity to help the citizens of our state develop a positive attitude about fitness in order to stay physically active and to keep fit for life. I was instrumental in writing, producing and appearing in the video "Get Active, Get Healthy," which became a prototype for Governors' Councils nationwide. I also created a "Exercise Works" poster featuring a series of exercises you can do at work, which was distributed to offices around the state.

I'm also active in helping children develop healthy fitness habits, and my bachelor of science degree in education from the University of Maryland is useful when developing programs to keep young people physically fit. Operation Fit Kids™, founded by the ACE President Ken Germano, provides important information I use to create youth programs in fitness centers, schools, and at home. My "Fitness Tips for Kids," which can throughout the day on television, makes excellent use ACE's Youth Fitness Facts.

In my busy schedule, I always leave time to organize and lead aerobic demonstrations for numerous charity events. I love every aspect of the fitness industry - from teaching classes, directing a fitness program, and meeting new people, to educating and motivating people to become physically active in order to gain wonderful health benefits. Being an ACE-certified Fitness Professional has given me added credibility as well as a wealth of information which enables me to accomplish my goals.

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!