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ACE-certified Success Stories

Tyson Sobiloff: ACE-certified Personal Trainer

Tyson Sobiloff
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
South Shore YMCA
Hanover, MA
Atlantis Sports Club
Braintree, MA

I am a personal trainer and sometimes I don’t even know how it became the best decision of my life. I liked working out and I experienced, first hand, the results of hard work and dedication. That’s how it all began.

I went to a four year college, UMASS-Amherst, spent five years there, and finished with really no idea of what to do. Don’t get me wrong, my time spent there was well worth it; I learned a lot and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Isenberg School of Management. I had a degree from a top notch school and a top notch University! Unfortunately, I just hadn’t found my passion.

As time wore on, I become much more interested in fitness. I exercised more and changed my lifestyle. I learned about how exercise helped my diabetes and started to become very interested in pursuing a career in the field. I consulted with a good friend that was already a personal trainer and he explained, “You can become a personal trainer by getting certified by a nationally recognized company. You may opt to purchase material from the certifying body, and there are many out there.”

After looking into it further I decided to earn my personal training certification from ACE. I took and passed the exam on May 3, 2007. While personal training can be challenging at times, I’ve been very lucky with my clients. They’ve all been appreciative and thankful, and I make sure they get their money’s worth. To me, the idea is for a trainer to promote new, healthier lifestyles for people. I share with them my past, all my knowledge of exercise and health, and with that my desire to change their lives.

When I began working with people I came to understand the kind of shape some were in, and was amazed by it. I was also amazed to find out how some of the smallest motions and movements can cause a big change in peoples’ lives. It wasn’t long before I realized that being a personal trainer was going to become more than just a job. There are lots of people out there who need guidance, motivation, and leadership in order to better themselves.

You can’t learn passion. You can’t teach personality. You can’t read about desire. Before I began training I never knew that these traits would come to be the most important factors in becoming a great personal trainer. It helped me learn what I needed to learn. It helps me continue to want to learn.

I am a personal trainer, and it’s more than just a job. It is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle. If you have a desire to learn, the desire and patience to help people, and the willingness to take a chance at this career, you can do it. It is the most rewarding chance I have ever taken. It may not be easy, but then again, if it were, everybody would be doing it!

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!