Karen Merrill, MS, ATC, NCTMB
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
ACE-certified L"/>
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ACE-certified Success Stories

Karen Merrill, MS, ATC, NCTMB
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach
Gold-Certified Advanced Fitness Specialist
Kailua, Hawaii

2004 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year
1st Runner-up, 2003 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year

I became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer in 1998. Having an ACE certification opened doors to several opportunities professionally in the exercise and wellness fields.

Whether working with beginner exercisers, rehabilitative clients, youth athletes, professional athletes or weekend warriors, being ACE certified allows me to provide clients with safe, effective and fun programs that get results.

While continuing to learn and challenge myself in the fitness field, I realized that obtaining the ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist and Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach certifications were a necessity to continue to provide the highest level of service to my clients.

As an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, I work with people with a range of abilities, from individuals re-learning basic modalities after some sort of trauma, to professional athletes looking to continuously heighten their skills. The diversity in my clientele allows me to use my degrees and ACE certifications to accommodate their needs. The satisfaction of helping clients take steps toward their goals - whether it be running their first marathon or re-learning how to safely descend a set of stairs - and being a contributing factor in this success is what makes personal training such a wonderful career.

Being a military spouse has always encouraged me to diversify my educational background. Moving every two to four years has provided me educational opportunities as well as the ability to work and learn from many talented individuals. I have needed to be flexible and contribute to my family wherever we moved, and as a personal trainer, I can always find a job in a field that I truly enjoy.

In addition to my master's degree in exercise science from the University of South Alabama, I am also a certified athletic trainer, massage therapist and an ACE Master Trainer. I believe that ACE sets the standard when it comes to teaching professionalism and competency in the fitness industry. ACE teaches trainers thorough evaluation and program development skills that allow them to work safely and effectively to achieve the client's goals. ACE bases all of its training on scientific research and provides competency with excellence.

My advice to individuals who are interested in either becoming a personal trainer or looking to expand their career is:

  1. Get ACE certified! Take advantage of the various certifications and the practical training classes so that your level of professionalism is constantly developing.


  2. Be passionate about what you do! Find out what populations you love working with and capitalize on it.


  3. Don't limit yourself. Keep up with the latest research and information and never stop learning.


  4. Remember that you are there to service your client. They rely on your expertise, experience and professionalism.


  5. Enjoy what you do and let that show in your work.

Being ACE certified has allowed me to be very successful in my career. ACE prides itself on setting the highest standards of professionalism for all of their certification curriculums. Individuals who obtain their certifications through ACE can be certain that they are associated with the leaders in the fitness and wellness industry. I am proud to be an ACE-certified Fitness Professional.

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!