Chris Freytag
ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE-certified Personal "/>
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ACE-certified Success Stories

Chris Freytag
ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach
Motivating Bodies Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Being ACE Certified has helped me to pursue my dreams! I started in 1991 by getting my ACE certification in Group Fitness so I could share my love of group motivation through exercise.

I began teaching at a health club and also dabbling in some personal training. Logically, I pursued my ACE certification in Personal Training which gave me credibility and a higher level of professionalism. ACE has enabled me to continue to expand my knowledge with continuing education courses and a wealth of resources for comprehensive and hands-on training.

While growing as a trainer and group fitness instructor, I decided to pursue both yoga and Pilates training to better myself, stay updated with current trends, and better assist my clients. In my opinion, personal training has become more of a lifestyle consultant position. I work with all types of groups and individuals and find myself helping them with both inner and outer health. If your goal for exercise is a quick fix, for vanity, it rarely works. Once you are training for health and wellness, that’s when your life changes.

I started my own business, Motivating Bodies Inc. ( so I could pursue in-home training, corporate training, and athletic team training. My ACE certifications opened the door to many opportunities. Early mornings, I teach group fitness classes at Lifetime Fitness. I teach Yoga to kids, train teen athletes, and work one on one with adults as old as 65!

My continuing education has kept me qualified to deal with all types of bodies, people and special situations. I have become passionate about combating the obesity problem in the United States and am dedicated to helping people change their lives. We as ACE professionals know it's a combination of healthy eating, cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility. To most people, that seems like an unreachable task. I have made it my goal to help simplify this for my clients and take the intimidation factor out of getting fit.

Being a creature of change, I help clients create a program that is well planned yet has options and variety to keep them feeling successful, interested, committed, and having fun.

Last winter, I had the opportunity to work with ShopNBC, a cable TV home shopping network. I have a weekly TV show called Motivating BodiesTM, where I sell fitness equipment and exercise accessories for the home. I also provide online support, exercises and information at

In today's fast-paced world, it is often hard to find time to be active. Being a mother of three children and working full time, I can relate to feeling stressed and over-scheduled! Exercising in your home can be the perfect answer to getting the job done and on ShopNBC, I try to help viewers create an affordable, simple and fun home gym.

In addition, I just released my first exercise video, Just Move to Lose™ Volume 1. Available at, Just Move to Lose is a program that gets you moving without a huge time commitment. Each 10-minute segment addresses something different – toning, cardio, Pilates and Yoga. You can do just 10 minutes on a hectic day, or do all 50 minutes for a great cross training workout.

My advice to individuals interested in pursuing a career in personal training:

  • Get ACE certified! ACE equips you with the tools and resources to stay on the cutting edge of your industry.


  • Be honest with yourself and follow your dreams. Personal training is a growing and changing industry. You must continually stay educated. You can look at it as an hourly job or a way to change lives - one person at a time.


  • Practice what you preach. Do you live by the advice you give? A poem that I often read at the end of my yoga class:

    Watch what you think, your thoughts become words
    Watch what you say, your words become actions
    Watch what you do, your actions become habits

Take advice, remain teachable and be a sponge! Sometimes the best education is from reading newsletters, attending seminars, sharing information and working with other personal trainers.

I want to thank ACE for all of their continued support. I am proud to be an ACE-certified Professional and part of such an ethical organization of high standards.

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!