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ACE-certified Success Stories

Eddie Graham
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
Equinox Fitness Club
New York, New York

If I were to write down five years ago where my life as an ACE-certified Personal Trainer would have taken me, I would have short changed myself—by a lot!

Back in 1998, I was living in a rural community on Long Island, working as a cook and a construction worker. Both are very admirable professions, but they just were not my calling. I was somewhat frustrated and just working to pay the bills.

Thankfully I belonged to a local gym, where I had physical challenges, a positive atmosphere and friends that made everything a little better. While training there I found myself helping an individual who did not feel very comfortable in the gym. It felt natural for me to do so. A member spotted this and remarked, "Are you a trainer?" I said no and he replied, "You should be."

The very next day in the Daily News there was an article on personal training and what a terrific occupation it is. It discussed different certifications, and the ACE certification was given an outstanding review. Finally, I found what I am supposed to be doing! I ordered all the ACE study materials; textbook, cassettes, flashcards and practice tests. I studied hard, passed the test a few months later, and the rest is history.

Today, I am one of the top trainers at the Equinox Gym in New York City. My clients include lawyers, police officers, TV and movie celebrities, post-natal moms and many others.

ACE has played a major role in getting me here. I feel like I have had a coach on my journey. Following the ACE Code of Ethics, continuing my education, and availing myself of ACE resources has been invaluable in becoming the best trainer I can be. My personal growth has skyrocketed too.

My good fortune in fitness continued this year, as I was chosen to be one of the faces of The New York City Marathon advertising campaign. The ads were all over the city, on buses, in subways, and on billboards. My clients really enjoyed seeing their trainer on a passing bus. The ASICS sneaker company took notice and outfitted me for the run, which I completed in 3:56:54.

However, the most rewarding moments in this career come every morning at 5 a.m. as I drink a cup of coffee and look forward to my day as an ACE-certified Personal Trainer.

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!