Mike Robinson, B.S., CPT
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ACE-certified Success Stories

Mike Robinson, B.S., CPT
ACE–certified Personal Trainer
MZR Fitness, San Luis Obispo, California

I started my Personal Training career as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Deciding on ACE for my Personal Training certification was an easy choice for me because of its reputation as the leader in the fitness industry among certification organizations.

After graduating from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, I knew that I wanted to pursue my career as a Personal Trainer. However, I knew that the key to my success was going to be through developing my business and communication skills. Therefore after college I entered the corporate world for two years while personal training simultaneously.

During that two year stint, I worked 12-15 hour days between both jobs. Eventually I decided to take the leap from corporate America to a self employed full time personal trainer. By far, this was the biggest and best decision that I have ever made in my life!

I really can’t believe the career that I’ve had thus far as a Personal Trainer – it’s truly been a blessing as well as a dream come true!

My family/friends, my clients, my business degree, my experience in corporate America, and my ACE certification are my biggest contributors to my success. I wear them all like a badge of honor especially my ACE certification.

Being ACE certified demands instant respect in our industry because of its reputation for being the best. I eventually plan on obtaining all four of the certifications that ACE has to offer.

Currently, I’m enjoying a great career and have built a reputation as one of the top trainers in California and that is truly one of the best feelings in the world to me.

I’m really looking forward to advancing my career to the next level and doing my part to help the world get healthier. I truly love my job and everyone around me can feel that passion. I train 12-13 clients per day and the last client of the day gets the same amount of energy as the first one. Many times clients will credit me for their success but I have to remind clients all the time that when they reach their goals that they are the puzzle and I’m just a piece in it.

I love knowing that I have one of the few jobs in America where it’s profitable, I’m having fun, and I’m making a difference in the world! How many people can say that?

I just want to give a special thanks to my family, friends and clients for allowing me to live my dreams out everyday!

And a special Thank you to ACE for all of their efforts and for being the leader in the industry!

INSPIRE,MOTIVATE,EDUCATE...become ACE-certifed today!