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Title of CEC Course Course Number Course Hours Cost Agility, Quickness and Reactivity CEC Course HSTUDY-AQR 4 $69.95 Aquatic Exercise CEC Course OLC-AE-10 4 $79.95 Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching CEC Course OLC-BAS-10 4 $79.95 Boomers and Beyond: In Home Training OLC-BAB-10 2 $49.99 Conducting Postural Assessments CEC Course OLC-CPA-10 2 $49.95 Core Training Specialist CEC Course GMP-CTS-CRS 6 $89.00 Exercise Development Specialist CEC Course GMP-EDS-CRS 12 $179.00 Exercise for Older Adult CEC Course OLC-EOA-10 11 $219.95 Exercise for Special Populations OLC-CES-10 20 $299.95 Exercise Testing and Program Design CEC Course OLC-ETPD-10 13 $259.95

Monday, November 5, 2012 in Exam Preparation Blog

Health Risk Appraisal and Risk Stratification

As a fitness professional, you must know how to perform a Health Risk Appraisal for your clients. This systematic screening will help you identify signs and symptoms of disease, risk factors and family history that will give you a clearer picture of each client's overall health. While there are several forms you can use, the basic ParQ & You and the ACSM Risk Stratification are two of your most important tools for assessing your clients' readiness for exercise.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 in Exam Preparation Blog

Tips on Successfully Making a Career Change Into Fitness

My own journey into the ranks of the fitness industry started at the age of 39 with a promise I made to myself to share the success I had battling type 2 diabetes. That success gave me the drive and a perspective I wanted to share with others. I transitioned from a 10-year run in the high-tech software industry to personal training in 2007. Here are lessons I learned and tips I share with many exam candidates who are also making a career change. 

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