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The One Thing You Need to Commit to Mastering

You need to keep in mind countless things when you're trying to scale your online fitness coaching biz. There's also a long list of things you need to be strong at so that the business can flourish. I know it must feel overwhelming but listen to me very carefully.

If ever there was ONE thing you needed to commit to mastering, it's this…

The ability to connect with your ideal client.


Because if your ideal client doesn't honestly believe that you understand where they're coming from, then they won't feel like you're the right person to can help them.

It's that simple.

Everything boils down to your ability to connect with your potential clients.

Now, what are some simple ways you can guarantee that you'll be able to connect with your ideal clients consistently on a high level?

Ask Thoughtful Open-Ended Questions

Reflect back on some of the best conversations you've ever had throughout your life. I'm willing to bet that the other person asked you thoughtful, open-ended questions.

These questions gave you repeated opportunities to open up and share things about your life.

Some of them might have encouraged you to be vulnerable.

Several others made it easier for you to trust the person you talked to.

Long story short, the person on the receiving end was able to better understand your experiences (good and bad).

An emotional bridge was built. 

And you both crossed it together to get to the other side. 

Do the same for your ideal clients.


Actively Listen to Their Responses

Now, this next step is crucial. Shut your mouth and ACTIVELY listen while the person is talking to you or messaging with you.

Show them you're 100% focused on them by repeating back key things they mention to you that are obviously important to them.

This will prove that you're paying attention and not trying to multi-task.

There's no better way to destroy the potential for building a connection with someone than not listening to them.

Listen, learn, and wait for your opportunity to show them how you can add value to their life.

Follow the 90/10 Rule

This is where we get to the juicy stuff. Have you guys ever heard of the 90/10 rule? No?

Let me break it down for you:

Allow the potential client to speak for around 90% of the conversation. You talk for the other 10%.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking...

"If they're doing all the talking, how am I supposed to show them the value of my program?"

You're empowering your ideal client to tell you exactly what they're hoping to find by working with you.

You've been asking thoughtful, open-ended questions. Actively listening to their responses. You know precisely what they need because they told you.

There's no need to yammer on and on about your kids. Or your dog. The client doesn't want to hear you talk about the weather.

Give them a personal example or two when they tell you their current challenges.

Show empathy and that you understand where they're coming from. But then show them how your program fits their specific needs and lifestyle. Why your program is guaranteed to empower them to achieve their desired results.

Because you'll be crafting it according to everything they told you they needed while talking to you.

Connect with your ideal clients, my friends. It's the missing link between you and a six-figure online fitness coaching biz.


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